Friday, April 9, 2010


This week has been a whole lot of moving for Zombinutz. Selling all the junk in ones hanger and putting the rest into Secure containers aka the EVE equivalent of a sack. Then hauling and Hauling and HAULING it all 20 hops to my new home. With both accounts going I managed to get all my important assets to my new home with out any loss.

This does present a future challenge as now both my accounts are separated by a 20 hop gap. Making supply and trade between the two a bit of a pain. As a result I might have to train SonOfBraben with some more hauling skills to make less trips.

The biggest challenge right now is delivering hulls to ZombiNutz. He literally is living in a Rifter right now and plans to be doing so for quite some time. I expect to go through these at a good clip over the next few months. So getting them from the factory at HCSH over to the TGV rally points is my biggest thorn. Nothing worse than having 50 fully fitted rifters ready to burn 20 hops away from where you need 'em. Ah EVE, when ever I get comfy you toss me another problem to solve. I guess that's why my wife refers to you as an Obsession.

On the subject of rifters I can now see what the fuss is about with these little rusty pod racers. Super fun to fly and definitely up to the task at hand. Taking one for a spin hunting for rats or adding DPS to a mission run. It just eats things alive even when flying a tackle PvP T1 fit. Unfortunately I am yet to find a fight despite me actively looking for one. There is a restriction on what I can disclose about my actions with TGV, but it's not mining. So with luck my killboard will have some more entries one way or another shortly.

I've been logging a lot more hours than normal now that I have joined TGV. While not a huge corp. by any standards there is always something going on. It can be said that some thing you enjoy is more fun when you share it with friends. The social side of TGV is awesome and the Ops are more interesting as a result. In turn with one account actively involved the mundane tasks some times associated with manufacturing can be done semi afk at the same time on the other. This is a huge win as production is up and my moral is not in the gutter.

I'd say I am definitely not stuck at the cross roads right now. The plans are chugging along on both sides and they definitely compliment each other.



P.S. Don't worry Logan you will not have to hunt me down in highsec to get your kills. You might have to wait a little bit for the current ops to be over before I can be released on leave to roam Lowsec.

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