Monday, April 12, 2010

What’s in your hanger?

While this might not be too exciting for some as part of the blogging world one should always answer the call from our fellow bloggers. As EVEOGANDA asked “What’s in your hanger?” here is mine for the entire world to see.

SonOfBraben: The barn on the care bear ranch.

Got Redbull MkIV: The token hulk w/ perma tank and T2 miners. You are not a cool kid around the rocks in highsec without one of these. The name is based on the need to supplement mining with caffeine/ energy drinks, and/or alcohol.

CAN BITCH: Iteron I with burners, nanos, stabs and anything else I can do to make this align and enter warp faster. As the name suggests it’s my Giant Secure Can deployment craft. It would make a decent can flipper too I guess...

Moon Dome: Brutix for missions w/ cookie cutter duel reps and blasters. The name was to honor the giant forehead of the brutix.

Lunch Meat II: Incursus fitted for PvP with a cookie cutter T2 blaster passive tank. The name was based on doling out something generic yet tasty to my combatants.

Nosy Parker: Imicus fitted for scanning work. Named for its nature of poking its nose where it does not belong.

Angry Parker: Imicus fitted for combat probe work. Spin on nosy parker in that it will find stuff to shoot for others.

Junkyard Joe: Catalyst fitted and rigged for salvage. Name was based on a generic scrounger’s name.

ZombiNutz: In harm’s way parking lot.

Skippy’s Angry: Rifter /w cookie cutter fit in T1. There are actually 20 of these in various locations pre-fitted and ready to go. This one was named after an Australian kids show “Skippy” and what might have happened to those kids of Skippy lost his shit.

Duck: Drake w/ T2 passive shield for missioning. A drake is a duck, and a duck is a drake.

Lunch Meat I: Incursus w/ T1 blasters and buffer tank. Named for the same reason as Lunch Meat II above. Before the rifter this was my chosen craft to die to others in.

I come in peace!: Gallente shuttle. Named as the only defense it has when warping about the place.

GOOSE: Badger MkII because you have to have one. Goose because I have a duck.

So if you’re still awake, that’s what’s in my hanger right now. Future plans in the ranch as undefined but will most likely be a PvE Dominix. In the parking lot it should be a wolf/jaguar.



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