Friday, April 30, 2010

Bubbles Suck.

So part of the deal with 0.0 is traveling from Empire to 0.0 and learning the ways of null travel. On the way down there are many things you can do to limit your flaming death. However I am finding there is also some luck to it.

Today I was heading down to get my jump clones squared away in one of my (t)rusty rifters (not fit in T1). I choose a route down and expected trouble. It would seem that I would not be disappointed.

Empire to Lowsec was fine and in fact all of lowsec was fine. The first hop into Null was also pleasant even with the reds in system. It was the next hop where things started to get fun. I jumped through and landed mid a gate camp. There was a bubble but it was 45KM away so I picked a random planet and warped at a random warp too. I picked an other on landing and warped to it. Sure enough a 'cepter pilot landed 30km off me as I warped out. I set a book mark mid warp and then warped to the next planet on landing. Once again my 'cepter friend landed a little off mark to see me warp. I set another mid warp way point and when I hit the next planet I warped to the first "safe" I had created once again seeing Johnny Red 'cepter land behind me at the planet. Warped from safe 1 to safe 2 and set up safe 3. Warped to safe 3 and hit dscan. Wait a bit to see if my friends felt like scanning me down. One gate camp survived. \o/

OK next gate here we come. Warp in from safe to see it empty. Warp to another safe then land and jump. Smack bang in the middle of a Heavy 'dictor bubble. I was so close to center I could smell the stale coffee and crotch sweat of the broadsword pilot. "I am so screwed!" was my first though as I held cloak (30 seconds before I die). "Well that looks to be the closest edge" was my next. "Hmm...Yes I am definitely screwed! Well here goes!". I click on the planet that is the best align at the edge of the bubble turn on the AB and double click at the closest edge spot. Turn on the DCU and the SAR II. I watch them lock timers start as my little rifter speeds towards the edge of the bubble. First volley from the camp drops my into half armor, AWESOME! Click on the planet and spam warp. Not clear of the bubble yet. Next volley and the rifter is done. Spamming warp hoping I am out of the bubble. "OH WELL! I tried!"

Waking up 32 hops away with a blinking mail welcoming me to my Ibis and free tritanium. Shell out for an upgraded clone. Post the loss kill mails. Type afk in corp chat and wander over to the fridge for some OJ. Hit the bathroom for a bio. Shuffle back to my PC. Post about the camps in intel and joke about getting podded in corp chat some. Fly over to where I have more rifters fitted and get back in the saddle.

So anyhow, today was my first loss in null and my first podding. I know BigBadWolf is kicking some fat house cat right now over not being the first. Oddly enough I am not mad, I was not jacked up too much as I popped. I kind of left dock in highsec knowing that I was flying into harms way and there was a huge reality that this hull and clone might not be coming back.

On the plus side I got some first hand experience in moving through null. I got to play plannet bingo with a 'cepter and set up some safes under duress. I survived on gate camp mostly though luck. I got to test a theory on escaping 'dictor bubbles that this time around did not work out for me. I died well while trying to survive. So all in all a few million isk was not too much to pay for the experiences.

Of course now I want to get my ass down there even more and be the dude sitting in a battle cruiser sipping coffee waiting for the poor sap to land in the bubble. Hmm...I need to get a few drakes on that Jump Freighter next time.




  1. The only real way to learn is to do and take the plunge, it doesn't always end well but even so it is good experience. Depending on the camp and the ship types, you might be better off burning back to the gate jumping thru and waiting them out on the other side in one of those safe spots.

  2. In the end I lost a T2 fitted rifter and a clone.

    It was a clean death and I died trying. Hopefully next time I'll survive the trip and get my 0.0 jump clones set up.

    thanks for dropping in mate!