Friday, April 23, 2010

Wednesday Night Fights!

Mr. Astral Dominix and I have been mulling over an open forum for pilots new and old to enjoy some 1 v 1 PvP duels in or around Rens. Astral announced it as The first rule of fightclub is.. in his blog this morning. Unfortunately to spread the word we kind of need to talk about it just a little.

The idea is simple in that we hope to meet once a week and fight o the death in the name of fun and education. In our Duel earlier this week both Astral and I (link) posted our fits and experiences from the fight. The feedback given was great and encouraged us to call out to those offering advice to come down to Rens and teach us a lesson. To demonstrate their words of guidance by sending us to our pods so that we might learn by doing.

The rules are as follows:
-T1 Frigate Hulls only
-Any T1 mod (named is fine) with NO T2 or Officer Mods
-Fighting is Consentual
-No Podding (in Highsec)
-No crying and/or bitching over lost ships. Social smack talk allowed.
-Faction ammo is allowed.
-No need to fit a scram - Warping out = fail. Hey it gives you an extra midslot, K!

To sign up send Astral Dominix an ingame evemail. Those who send a mail will be sent the location system for the weeks fights and a start time. If numbers are such to warrant it. I'll start some kind of bracket system to keep the action going. Who knows I might even pony up fitted T1 hulls for the winners and offer a full replacement for ISK lost to the wooden spoon should this get popular.

I hope to see you in your pod some Wednesday night soon.



*edit* Fixed Spelling and grammar. Darn Bostralian.


  1. Apparently the first rule of fight club is not that you don't talk about it (anymore), but that you don't say what time it is.

    Also, it's duel, not dual. Tell me what time fight club is and you can make me pay for that ... maybe ;)

  2. LOL! It's my Dual personality coming out. Got it 50% right in the post. Fixed now.

    Time should be between 18:00-20:00 server time. Astral flies GMT and I fly US-east (14:00-16:00 for me).

    Send Astral a mail if your able to come play. Hope to see you and shoot at you Wednesday.



  3. I fly PST (late PST) so that's pretty bad timing for me. Maybe I'll be sick some future Wednesday ...

  4. I work from home most Wednesdays and Thursdays. I am sure someone will get a cheap rifter kill someday when my pager blows up mid fight.

    Look Zombinutz up anytime in game if your in empire looking for a scrap. I've been known to be floating about at 2am EST. :)