Monday, May 14, 2012


SO kind of as a follow on to my last post about failures and frustrations. A little real life event happened yesterday that made me like the charming pooch above.

I was playing some tennis with my wife and mini clones when POP! I blew out my left Achilles tendon. Before all you fitness buff scold me for not stretching. I did stretch and had been playing for about 45mins when it happened.

The sad thing of it all was it was  a familiar De Ja Vu type thing. I busted my right Achilles in almost the same manner 10 years ago (yes yes I stretched then too).

However I actually stopped to think as I was limping off the court to the ER that perhaps this would give me more time for EvE PvP while I recover. At the very least the painkillers will help me be more charitable to the rape squads I bump into.

Just sharing.




  1. Hope you have a good surgery and recover from being sidelined soon. Great part is you get to EVE it up while you recover.

    1. Hey AD. Yeah the hack and slash went really well. recovery is good thus far. Downside is I am trapped a floor and 14 very unpleasant steps from my office and gaming POWA!

      So for now I am forced to duct tape together eve time on a So-So laptop. So EvE time will be limited until this cast is shed for a walking boot/cast. Fortunately doc told me yesterday I get a new cast next week.


      EVE SOB