Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A REAL Kill for Zombinutz

I've been frustrated of late with EvE PvP. Mostly because I am alone 90% of the time and as such mostly a charitable kill for the roaming gangs. Ironically enough I was scouting for some alliance mates bringing a fleet of frigates down to our lowsec base last night. To set up Jump Clones for them etc.

We hit local after a few bumps (disco apoc vs t1 frigates can be fun) to see a Myrm in local. Said myrm had just caught an Alli mate of guard in a drake. We pinned the Myrm in station and the games began. Me in a 'cane with a SB and 2 T1 frigates Vs the Myrm. We all got tired real fast of station games and the myrm pilot said he would fight us if we let him off station. I said pick his planet and it was on at planet 8.

I was refreshed to see Ahniolator honor his call. We all landed at 0 and began the fight. It was clear early he was active armor tanked. I had guessed double repped as he was repairing massive chunks when we hit close to structure. I was a little scatter brained and did not nuet right away. I was also torn between helping keep the drones off the frigates and going for the myrm. Hindsight blah blah, I should have just hammered the Myrm,

We lost two frigates before claiming Ahniolators tripple repped, double cap boosted Myrm. I did not even make a play for his pod in respect for him honoring the fight. We exchanged GFs in local. Some banter about it going the other way if it was just the 'cane and the Myrm. My 'cane is past due for her fiery death so I was cool with that. It was good to almost fight 1:1 with a like class boat. Ahniolator had a 39J trip home, so I gave him a spare minnie shuttle I had kicking about. We wished each other well and I invited him back anytime for a rematch.

Again props to Ahniolator from [Test] for honoring a good fight. Perhaps there is hope left for me and PvP. We shall see but this is a step in the right direction.



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