Monday, May 14, 2012

failures and frustrations

EvE is known for being a harsh place. Sure empire is like a big comfy chair at the end of a artillery range. Most of the time you can hang out as you please unless it's your turn to take a volley of ammo from a random stranger. Only place you are "safe" is in station and even then folks can steal your stuff if you click the wrong link or hire and trust the wrong dude. So over time you kind of accept the fact that some day, no matter how careful, you are gonna get your stuff blowed up or your iskies cheated away from you.

My current frustrations are old frustrations. I am trying to explore PvP with Zombinutz my hacked together Caldari PEW PEW pilot. In the past I've tried 0.0 and found the time requirements were not gelling with my RL. So I pulled outta there for the greater good. Well that and I got very frustrated missing epic fights by an hour and being left to watch the standing fleet stand down.

I spent some time floating about in lowsec in rifters and hurricanes. I've flow stealth bombers about and pods out of 0.0 through camped areas. I get how to avoid getting blowed up (most of the time) and am willing to commit to a fight. I even joined a new corp. and alliance as they move out to live in lowsec. The focus there being to shoot other EvE players. 

The killer here is I seem to stink at:

A: Finding a play time that in conducive to PvP and PvP fleet participation
B: Picking a corp. with active PvPers.

I had high hopes but now I am frustrated.

- Like a friend has a week old application into a "we need people NOW" corp.
- Like I lead the alliance for kills whoring cyno alts when I ahppen to undock into them.
- I have the ONLY post (unanswered) in the PvP alliance forums. Ya know looking to co-ordinate fleets.

Anyhow solo PvP is a very frustrating place in EvE from my perspective. There is a good chance I am doing it wrong and hunting in the wrong place. However there is a solid line between courage and charity in lowsec these days.

Yesterday the bait drake did not even wait for us to lock each other up before it's 4 friends jumped into local.  I was willing to fight it and expected a fleet to jump in. Yet the wolves were over hungry and I had plenty of time for me to warp to a safe spot. I mean at least let me think you are not bait and wait until you have a firm grip on my warp drive before you call in the squad. The sad sad thing is with one other battle cruiser with me we could have burned down the whole damn lot (well perhaps not the vulture). I should have tried regardless, but charity aint my idea of fun.

I hope it gets better soon as killing cyno alts is lame...




  1. I hear and second your frustrations. Heck, I've barely kilt anyone this year. Coupled with more RL time constraints my Eve time is extremely limited and that isn't helping things either.

    I still love the game and not planning on giving up, but it sure as heck is frustrating at times. Hang in there.

    1. Aye on the not going any place. I'll all ways have industry to keep things ticking along. Always enjoyed building ships and the ISK is handy.

      Just frustrated trying to find an EvE "fair fight" Ya know where I can at least take some with me.

  2. Factional Warfare might fit your pvp desires. The upcoming changes with Eve Online: Inferno are also a nice addition. If i did not hear wrong, you know get LP for killing your faction's enemies ships. And so on.

    Try empire factional warfare. From a far seems like PUG raids in other MMOs :)

    1. I have to admit that FW might become a side habit for one of my pilots. With the new proposed LP for datacores VS R&D agents coming. I need a way to grind out datacores to support my inventing habits.

  3. Hey sob! I joined your corp ages ago if you remember, then left as had same prob you describe. I have issues like you time etc. I have joined a new corp/alliance in lawn and am having more luck getting fights. It's close to lowsec

  4. And highsec. May be worth a try? You are uk timezone? In game I'm min gi. I'm not diplo or anything. But I tried it and am liking it.

    1. Hey Min Gi. Good to see you are still kicking. I've considered Red vs Blue for a insta PvP influx. However in the end I do want to help build something new as well.

      I am just impatient.

  5. Oh me too! At least on the plus side of doing your Achilles there will be more time for eve.