Thursday, May 24, 2012

Planetary Interaction: FLASH BACK

Back in 2010 I did a short series called "making free isk" and vol 2 in August 2010 was about Planetary Interaction. A lot has changed since then in our beloved EvE, and the P.I. info is now dated. Needless to say in my email recently was this comment for my August 2010 post:

"Anonymous: May 23, 2012 4:29 AM
Hey eve SOB good job making a PI guide.
i make about 2 billion a month from PI and im just 
looking around seeing how other people do it. but 
yeah when i started out i would have loved a guide 
like this.

So ya Props to you and i like the way u think keep 
up the good work o/"

First off all thanks to the nameless reader for the kudos. Second thanks for flashing me back almost 2 years to the topic and in game activity Planetary Interaction. I have maintained in one way or another a P.I. farm since it's inception. I've had as many as 45 planets working for me over the years in both high and lowsec. Everything from 23H to 6 Day cycles as well. For the most part I've made POS fuel stuffs, but nanite repair paste, construction blocks and POS towers/modules as well.

P.I. Has made/saved me billions of ISK over the years. When I was fueling 2-3 large POS in lowsec the monthly run off alone netted me ~1 billion ISK a month and saved me about the same in POS fuel costs.

Today I have cut back with my last move to just 20 planets. Focused 100% on keeping a small highsec POS fueled. I run 6 day cycles that takes 15m to restart the entire thing. I haul it all in once a week (some times every other week) and produce enough POS fuel stuffs in a week to fuel my little POS for a month. I've been taking a solid break from ice mining but with a few orca loads of ice I can stockpile a lot of fuel. When it comes to POS fuel I like to have a few months of fuel for all my Active towers in the corp hanger. It's also a great CASH cow should a shiny tempt me.

Either way I can honestly say that P.I. IMHO has had a huge positive effect on EvE for the industry/market player. I wounder with DUST coming how much longer we can ride this gravy train. How planet level contention will effect POS fuel prices, and what ripples in the fabric will come of it.

As always curious to see it all unfold and looking forward to another 2 years of EvE.



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  1. PI launched right around the time I was starting EVE, so can say its one of the things i learned well starting off in EVE by deciding to see what it was all about from the beginning.

    These days it's a love and hate with PI. Some days don't mind resetting the planets the next I just hate when i have to pick things up. Yet i hardly reset the planets for days some time week on end. I just do it when my mind reminds me... hey have you checked planets lately. Oh yeah let me reset one or two…

    PI materials these days are trended lower than before Customs Office and the new taxes. PI to me is in a slump, nothing all that interesting to build or create and seem very much under utilized compared to its true potential. Who knows if it will ever get there. It would be fun if you could construct big Space Stations in deep space/wh's and such with interconnecting modules for station services all attached and scaled up into a real space station like NPC Stations. Project builds i call them. Something much different than the Bubble Pole of a POS we currently have.

    I guess PI should be able to be utilized to do much more than it's currently being used for. I would like to think it becomes in the future so valuable a resource it becomes really worth fighting for on the valuable planets its on in contested space for all the things that can be done with it all.