Monday, November 15, 2010

Milestones and an idea.

I was sitting here just now reflecting on where my blog is at. It seems some folks read it other than Mum and I which is a good thing. It also seems that 50 posts and 100 posts have come and gone quietly. I have 19 followers registered with the site and a few folks comment now and then. My indy pilot ticked past 15M SP sometime last week and I did not raise a fuss as I did when it was 10M. My combat pilot will hit the same mark this week.

My point here is milestones and the amount of fuss one might give them tends to change. I dedicated a whole post to each of my pilots who hit 10M SP milestones. I would have though my centennial post would have sparked some sort of event or something. Honestly it was another post in the life of me in EVE. Nothing extraordinary about it or special, it was just another entry not a celebration of achievement. Why? I am not sure to be honest. I enjoy reading others when they do special things for milestone posts. I guess in the regard of mile stone posts I am not that inwardly focused. I certainly am focused on me and can be a downright prissy jerk at times. Yet my 100th and 50th posts did not register. Such is life I guess.

In other news I had this idea of doing a frigate cage match. Where I’d have all the folks show up into a system in T1 frigates and fight it out for the cash prizes. It had limits to fits and all that and this required me to spend a lot of the time I don’t have to make it work. It’s not dead but in part of the “being a man” about it mentality. It’s not going to happen this year. What will happen is an organized frigate event called “T1 Frigate 11s”. I’ll be posting about it but the slant of it is something like this:

-20 Pilots buy in at 5M ISK each and choose a T1 frigate type.
-HCSH provides them with 5 of that frigate type to fit as they like.
-HCSH then sends the list of all 20 pilots to each other and sets a 2 week END date.
-First pilot to post kill mails for 11 valid 1v1 victories against unique pilots from the list of 20 with the ships involved being just the frigate types purchased on both sides (and not a blob) gets 100M ISK

The fits are up to the pilots with no restrictions. I don’t care if you want to fly high grade implants and boosters. I don’t care if you pod each other. All I care about is 11 unique 1v1 kills in the frigate type you purchased against other pilots from the list of competitors in the frigate they chose. Simple, easy, and it promotes solo PvP and well because you get 5 frigates for the 5M ISK. Even a new player can dive in, fit it with T1 stuff and have 5 good fights to learn from.

That’s the idea. I might add a best video contest to it. I might add a bonus prize for the pilot who dies the most and another for the one who dies the least. Either way it’s something I can run and perhaps fly in for grins. I’ll officially pitch it in its own post shortly.


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  1. I usually stop by here on most days to catch up. Sometimes i miss a day or two just being pre-occupied but i catch up from the last post i left off. Its one the blogs i do enjoy reading if even to reflect on something.

    Usually for me somewhere in the back of my mind my unconscious is keeping track of things without really thinking of it. Sometime it miss stuff though. Usually i can remember some milestone, some because i see it so often it sticks out in my mind to remember to keep track of it. Some are like mini goals.

    What i cant remember now since i switched from blogger to wordpress is how many blog post i have since i'm not sure how or where its tracked. Probably haven't searched hard enough maybe. But on blogger it used to show how many post right there on the front page so often when i blogged it was often staring back at me and remembered. it don't seem so obvious on wordpress so i clearly loose track of it. I think i do remember somewhat where its tracked but i just never look at the statistics to really know.

    Cheers for all ya milestones :)