Monday, November 22, 2010

Nevermore #1

Well after flying both passive and active shield tanked ravens solo in Caldari navy Level 4's. The verdict is pretty easy to deliver. See there are a lot of Active Shield tanked ravens for a reason. Why!? because they kick the snot out of passive shield tanked ravens when it comes to incoming RAT DPS. They also deliver more outbound DPS as well because all the low slots are not jammed with shield mods to get the thing enough buffer to have a sustainable passive regen.

In the end I fit my PvE Raven thus:

Name: Nevermore #1


6 x 'Arbalest' Cruise Launcher I, Paradise Cruise Missile w\ Mission specific Cruise missiles
1 x Drone Link Augmenter I
Empty Slot (my skills don't leave enough CPU for a NOS)


1 x XL-Shield Booster II
1 x Shield boost amplifier II
1 x Heavy Electrochemical capacitor Booster I
2 x Invulnerability Field IIs
1 x Cap recharger II (or a mission specific hardener if I am not being lazy)


3 x Ballistic Control System II
2 x Power Diagnostic System II


3 x Large Capacitor Control Circuit I


5 x hobgoblin II
5 x Hammerhead II

So far it's not too much of an adjustment over the Drake. Does more damage and tanks well enough that I can slow boat my way around most level 4's solo. So all in all my very first Battleship hull is doing what I wanted it to do. Of course now I am looking for a cheap Navy issue Scorpion ;P




  1. The Choice a Caldari Pilot faces sooner or later. Should i buy a Scorpion navy issue (it indeed does look really cool) or a Raven Navy Issue??? ...

    This would come down to what you prefer over a normal Raven. More tank or more gank?

    The Scorpion Navy Issue has a godlike tank making incoming DPS almost a non-issue most of the time. The Raven Navy Issue can deliver a lot of more DPS while being able to tank like a normal Raven (wich i find suffices in Lvl 4s) thus making the pilot able to end the missions quicker and not having to tank so much over longer periods of time.

    in the end it comes really down to the preferred style of a pilot.

  2. Nice setup. That is pretty much what I would fly in a mission Raven. Perhaps a target painter instead of the cap recharger but whatever works for you.

  3. @ Sintei Ruhl - I can see the DPS race with the raven. The drake was always a endurance event. The up side is I double box with 2 accounts and can bring a second DPS ship. So chances are I'd go with a godly tank on one and All DPS on the other.

    @Kirith - Yeah I need to kick my own ass and finish weapons upgrades V. Right now I am CPU constrained on a TP or NOS. the cap booster fits but only adds 20 seconds of cap. I also need to build out a PvE Jump clone with better implants. Being lazy again ;)

    thaks again for the comments.



  4. :) i dual box too... but i choose to salvage along the main char with the second to bring in some more money.