Friday, November 5, 2010

Trust and Recruiting.

So after coming back to highsec my focus shifted hard towards growing my indy corp. I cannot say I am out there blitzing the recruitment channels but I've pulled in a few new members who are easy going and fit the bill. I've also turned a few folks away and hired some folks who left in very short order.

One such individual who I will not name because that is just cheap. Joined the corp. and then bailed 5 minutes later. I thought to myself he was fishing for member information for a war dec so I sent him the following in game mail:

"Safe travels then
From: SonOfBraben
Sent: 2010.11.03 20:45
To: Corp. Spy type

Guess we are not for you.



Simple and to the point way to fish a little. Some time passed and this came back:

"Re: Safe travels then
From: Corp. spy type
Sent: 2010.11.03 20:49
To: SonOfBraben,

Sorry, I lied.
I'm a pure indy alt and was curious how hard it would be to scam a corp. I don't have the heart nor the effort prorbably required. Thanks for letting me in and sory that I deceived you.

Fly safe -"

Nice that the dude was man enough to realize espionage was not for him and fess up. I took a moment to send the following reply:

"Re: Re: Safe travels then
From: SonOfBraben
Sent: 2010.11.03 20:54
To: Corp. Spy Type,

No worries! It's part of the game. I am an easy target as I don't require API keys. The other side is I don't grant access to any corp. members and keep most of the assets buried elsewhere. SO worst you can do is get a member list for a war dec or gank a pilot before you get booted.
We all have to try the dark side now and then...

Fly safe.



It's not hard for my current efforts to fall victim to corp. infiltrators as I don't ask for API keys AND I am actively looking for brand new pilots. Heck half the guys I have recruited might be trying to infiltrate my corp. and take all my stuff. That's fine with me as I have NO intentions of giving any of them access to my hangers or wallets. I'll give them free stuff like a ship in the hanger now and then. I'll fly with them until they shoot at me and I tell them all I'll shoot back if they do.

The bottom line is if you want to grow a corp. you need to give folks the benefit of the doubt. EVE tends to make you paranoid and untrusting and with all the current media and power of two marketing being around exploring your dark side. It's not hard to want to shut the doors and chain a starved Fenris by the locks.

I have chosen to grow my corp. and well if every last one of the new recruits are there with a long term goal of robbing me blind. I wish them luck and will fly with 'em and offer answers to their questions until they try to drive the shank in my spine. Then I'll wish them well, boot them from the corp. and replace them with the next new recruit.

I do however hope that the benefit of the doubt pays off and I end up with a solid core of people who all have fun flying together.

A Toast: Here is hoping it all pans out for the best.




  1. Yeah recruiting is a very tough business. As well finding good trusting players not too common either. Which means it can take quite a while of effort before find couple good players.

    Needless to say the post is quite funny as well. Funny to think the guy that joined and quit though was honest to say the real reason he joined and then quit almost immediately which is quite rare in most games. In some other games people join and quit so fast you barely noticed they were even there.

    From the rest of the post you seem to have the prespective down to deal with it all and have a sense of humor about it though. Was a funny read.

  2. Nothing ventured nothing gained, you have to go down the path if you want to get anywhere. If you want to grow at least. Trust is earned however and that takes time. You are doing the right thing,control the risk and keep your valuable assets close. It'll al work out.