Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Stuff

There is no particular topic for this post. No real reason to write it honestly. It truly will be/is random stuff that popped into my head this Friday while I mined ice.

The first is that my net worth after a few years at this game is only about 6 BN ISK. Factoring in current wallet and assets. Not too much for 2 years of game play, but I guess we have all blown up ships and fired ammo. Still I need MORE net value. Taking a mental note to fix this, greed is good.

The next is the funny way old "associates" come out of the wood work from time to time. Not going to dive too deep in this pool, but I've had more than a few folks ask me to come shoot people in Null again of late. Not yet, the bear is still growing fat.

I like RJs twitter hats over at EVEOGANDA. They truly are THE vanity Item to have. I might ask him for a pony hat for Zombinutz as my new "about me" picture. Then again, I might leave him be.

Seems like some folks really have quit EVE over the last patch. Sad times but well folks are allowed to act as they will. I'll miss some blogs for sure. :(

I enjoyed this post over at eve's parity bit. I totally like the ideals of there needing to be a separate process for de-podding for those that want to walk. Just as I agree it's a bit much to go from the nervous system and brain of a ship and suddenly be a humanoid with perfect hair and an itchy head. Excellent suggestion of a middle ground stage. Solving many current ISSUES folks might have with CQ and the lack of the hanger/ship spinning state we all loved.

I have three accounts and yet I crave a 4th. WHY!?!

Will future releases of Incarna let me turn my corps public channel "HCSH-Tavern" into an Actual tavern? How much will it cost to have a bar? Will I need to hire bouncers? Will those be EVE players or Dust players? Does anyone want to hang out in my public corp. Bar and drink fictional drinks while sipping real ones alone in your office? Can I shoot those I don;t like when In my bar, can they shoot me. Will exotic dancers be PG-13 or M for mature if allowed. Can you get drunk in Incarna in my bar, and crash your ship into the docking bays? Who knows....Does anyone care?

All right, real world Mrs SOB birthday day. Off to make Chicken Piccata and eat some cake.



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  1. Hope you enjoyed your cake!

    Curious how you are determining your net worth? I tried a while back using EVE Asset Manager ( but it turns out that it's very poor at calculating worth of some items (in particular, faction items) and so I gave it up with only a vague idea of my worth. I did realize that I had more than 90 ships between my two active characters (not counting gift ships, rookie ships, shuttles or haulers) which was an interesting statistic in itself.