Thursday, July 21, 2011

War report Day 2

Well the picture should give you a clue. Our sole antagonist logs in for a bit. Accepts my private conversation but does not respond to my "Good Day. How are you today?" civilities. Yes I know, no comms blah blah, but as CEO I have to try to parlay. I add "Still not talking? Pity. Have a nice day." before closing the chat.

We sit on gates in battleships alone with juicy KILL mails written on the side. Scorpions of all things too with lousy tanks. Just waiting for this 5 year old pilot to reap us with her Manticore called "Jaws". Yet she simply sits there cloaked and chews gum. Ah well we try to be tasty snacks for our oppressors. We truly do.

I've been mining during the war. Put a raven in the cooker today after knocking out the last of the mats. Not really that hard solo mining bouncing belts staying aligned and watching local. Add some watch list contacts and a little healthy dSCAN now and then. Honestly it's a damn sight more exciting than mining during peace.

Logging for the day. ISK has been made and attempts to fight have been had. Lets hope tomorrow has a Kill mail eh?



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