Sunday, July 24, 2011

War report:'s over?!?!

In the end I think our oppressors found the war to be equally lacking in stimulus as we did. We all spent time in local together. I tried to chat parley, they shunned. In the end the only shots fired were friendly shield tests.

In the end it did allow us to fit up some PvP ships, figure out what holes we wanted to fill, work on our fleet communications and well be able to stand and fight. I was able to share with some the techniques I learned for setting up camps etc in my short stay in 0.0. Also some folks got some free Jump Clones as a result of joining HCRND and it has Wicked good standings with Caldari State and navy.

So in short the war was not that exciting PvP wise. Honestly there was none. It was a good exercise in shutting the doors and putting the pointy end in space. So for that I can thank the corp. that dec'd us.

For now it's back to amassing large amounts of ISK and wondering if that HAM drake fit really would have worked :)



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