Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Toy: Scorpion Navy Issue.

So it's no secret that I've been mining a LOT these days. Like 150M ISK a day worth of ice kind of mining, or all the rocks to build an orca in 4 days kind of mining. Silly amounts of time in a belt sucking in stuff. I've sworn off mining before and promised to never do it again. However honestly it's one of those past times in EVE that fits my 80% semi afk play time. So well I mine a lot...

Anyhow, I've put all that mining ISK into new mining fleets ships and BPOs for a good while now. My highsec POS has been invaluable and I get it's fuel for free through PI and 1 hours Ice mining a week. So it was time to invest in some fun ships for that 20% of my game time where I can actually focus on the game 100%

Last weeks war saw me spend about 100M ISK in new PvP fit ships that ultimately floated in space around a gate or station. Those are now stowed and ready for when I might need them again with a LOT of ammo and spare parts/hulls. So I decided it was time to spend some ISK on my Mission boats. The raven is long in the tooth now and a change was needed.

So I had two paths I could go down the Missile loving caldari path. The CNR or the Scorpion Navy Issue. More gank and more tank essentially. I tend to duel box missions in a pair of battle ships and constantly found myself adding RR from my second BS to the raven. This essentially meant I had a dominix in space with sentries out and the highs shield boosting the raven. I could have a T2 fit megathron instead of that Domi if the damn raven could tank. So ultimately I went for less gank and a more self sufficient tank. Hence the Navy Scorpion.

I fit it with an nice active tank and some T@ cruise launchers. Getting 80+% across all resists with my current skills and about 47M cap time before it bleeds dry with it all on. Here is the fit:


6 x Cruise Missile Launcher IIs
1 x Drone Link Augmentor

1 x meta 4 target painter (too lazy to type the full name)
2 x Invulnerability Field II
1 x Large Shield Booster
2 x Shield Boost Amplifier II
1 x Photon Scattering Field
1 x Head Dissipation Field II

2 x Capacitor Flux Coil II
2 x Ballistic Control System II

3 x Large Capacitor Control Circuit I

5 x Hobgoblin II
5 X Hammerhead II

Pretty standard stuff honestly for a PvE boat IMO, but some might disagree (post a fit if you do).

So I dropped by my local caldari Navy lvl 4 agent, pulled Guristas Extravaganza and set about the task of shooting red crosses dead. Dude I am not excited easy by level 4 after over 2 years as mostly a carebear. However I was very excited that this thing could aggro all the spawns in the last room (I triggered on purpose) andtank them all while I burned them down with cruise missile spam death and drones. If that was my old Active raven, I'd be out of cap boosters and dead or running about half way through it.

So this leaves me with a dilemma now. See I have this Gellante Battlle ship that really I don't need now and I have to find something for SOB to fly in missions to bring more gank to the party. PvE fit rail mega perhaps...




  1. More gank, or time to get the alt in a power Noctis?

  2. I have a Noctis alt. I just like to kill all the red crosses as fast as I can but also being able to go make coffee if I need too :)