Saturday, July 2, 2011

On the go SOB #6

Sitting here watching my kids slice and dice objects on a Wii speed cutting game. I find my self pondering what next to do in EVE.

I've been mining like a crazed fool over the last few months. I've mined ice and rocks. Built charon and orca and ravens. I've made and spent and made back a few billion as well through inflated ice prices.

I should run more missions to raise standings with R&D corps. I should invent more T2 stuff. I should finish that Corp project. Yet I need more ISK for my goals, like all of us. So perhaps I might give trading a go.

I have some basic trading skills on sonofbraben, but will most likely split off an alt and train a dedicated trading pilot. The plan right now is to peel off 500M and see what my trading alt can do with it once trained.

Any advice from others is welcomed, even if I know another trader is competition.

And yes yes, buy low sell high! Check on that advice. :)




  1. I hear the monocle market is pretty volatile these days.

  2. To me from my experience in everything i have learned allot of trading is what you actually "learn and figure out" in the places and regions you sell inbetween what everyone else likes to say about buy low and sell high. Its the knowledge you learn inbetween from the doing of it which allow you to figure out and move you onto other things you never really though of.

    Having a dedicated Trader can help allot but getting to Tycoon level skilled trader makes things allot easier for allot of reasons.

    Keep taxes and brokerage fees low, great if you can get both combined. Higher standing helps to lower that at the stations you normally sell at.

    You can test market things you have hunches about in odd places that have possibilities and see how it go first as a test to survey the results on feedback. Its just lower the initial risk some in unknown markets or with unknown items.

    There are many different kinds and ways to trade, find out which one you like or prefer or a combination of some. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Find places in the market that are not served in a area or region with potential that also need and consume the item. There are always gaps in the market waiting for someone to fill the void and profit from. You usually have little or no competition there.