Monday, March 15, 2010

Cross roads suck!

Skills and Career choice in EVE is a mammoth pool of diversity and sexy temptation. Yes I just said that a video game about Internet spaceships is full of sexy temptations. I find myself wavering at a cross road between striving for my goals and heading out an doing some thing fun. This dilemma has to be one all EVE pilots, young or old, face at a number of points as they progress down there chosen paths.

My goal is simple: Make loads of ISK as an industrialist in highsec to fund my future adventures getting blown up.

The "plan" is a sound and achievable plan. It's some what of a safe "Plan" and my 2 account one man show has most of the skills and equipment needed to do it. The "Plan" is very simple in it's execution but time consuming. The "PLAN" has a little excitement in running level 4 missions for decent profit and standings gain. The "P L A N" is self sufficient as all the parts compliment the end goals.

The only downside is the jolly bloody "P L A N!!!" is starting to bore the living shit out of me.

I should be training for better manufacturing and trade skills. I SHOULD be running missions and mining ICE and ROIDS for hours on end. I SHOULD be saving my ISK for the down payment on my POS.

However I am NOT doing these things now am I. OH NO, not in the slightest. What am I doing?

I am training my miner to fly assault frigs with T2 blasters and my combat account to fly all race T2 frigs with ALL PEW PEW to T2. I am looking at gunnery skills, not market skills. I am looking at defensive and offensive energy skills to allow me to cram more into these little hulls.

THE BLOODY PLAN is blown to HELL!!!!

So anyhow! I have a parrot in a cage and a patch on the hat rack with a puffy shirt and a cutlass in the corp hanger I dock my damned mining barge at. I live in highsec droning away at rocks and killing the same rats for there bounties and ship parts. I have a sensible existence planned out and a respectable life.

Perhaps it's time for a POS in a small wormwhole. Some where in the middle of safe and waking in a clone vat. I truly enjoy the stories, blogs, and ideas of W-Space.

Perhaps it's time to leave one account in my highsec corp. Doing his thing while taking the other account into a lowsec corp. for some fun.

Perhaps it's time to recruit some minions to do the dirty work for me. Expand my highsec corp with some new blood at the risk of getting looted by moles.

Fact is though. Right now at the middle of the cross roads I find myself turning away from the nice safe life and digging a hole in the middle. In the hole is a small box with ritualistic items intended with making a deal with a demon. How much ISK is my soul worth and is it still mine to sell?




  1. Maybe your not a builder or maybe you'll come back to it. create a new plan to help you fly combat ships and then come back to your other reason to scrap em both you know....

  2. Great advice mate! Not planning to scrap it. Just torn between a change and sticking with it.

    I enjoy building and flying what I build. So a vacation in Lowsec in some T1 Frigs might be just what I need.

    Current plan is to drop my combat account out of my corp. to remove the need to keep my nose clean. Leave the miner at home and cut loose some.

    Reading back through my blog. I've been restless and grumpy (more than normal) for a bit.

    Who knows, I might be appearing on a kill mail near you real soon :)

    Cheers and thanks for Dropping in.


  3. If you want lots of isk and pvp, 0.0 is the place to be!

    I should be shot for rhyming like that, but it's worth considering. I've only done mining and plexing, but ratting has the lowest entry level sp and is said to be worth 40m/h,