Monday, March 1, 2010

Where in the Universe is EVE SOB - March 2010

Starting this month I've decided to post a short bit about where I am in the EVE universe. With my current focus in 2010 being around industry. It might not be too riveting for some but who knows it might capture some attention. I plan to do these on the 1st of every month.

Where am I:

In Lonetrek drifting around the highsec parts mining rocks, scanning stuff, and shooting things for the Caldari navy. Both accounts have access to level 4 missions and are squirreling away LP for a rainy day in hell.

How's the corp doing:

Still just my two accounts with no recruiting. Slowly chewing away at the POS requirements. Making t1 stuff. Selling t1 stuff. Recruiting will start after the POS is online. Long term plans area still industry in Highsec.

What Skills am I training:

SonOfBraben is rounding out armor tanking skills then off to t2 blasters. After that SonOfBraben will focus hard on trade and industry skills. Zombinutz is chewing down the last 22 days towards an Orca license. Next zombinutz will focus on being able to fly all race frigates to T2 and all weapon systems to T2 with some armor tanking on the side. I don't have all the plans laid out but I expect this to take him 6-8 months of solid training.

In that pesky real world:

My EVE space renovations are nearing an end. Last coat of paint went on over the weekend and some moving in took place last night. Still exploring the space as I design my new custom desk. I expect finished pictures to be on the blog in the next week or so.

CNN headline for Today:

Enjoy March 2010 All.



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