Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A TRAP, really! ;)

Had some time to play last night. So off to a level 3 caldari Navy mission agent I go for some easy ISK and LP. Level 4's are doable for me with 2 battle cruisers, but blasting through level 3's suits me better.

The passive drake freshly rebuilt from a "OH crap we are stuck in a wall" incident was doing the business and my salvage catalyst was mopping up the wrecks.

So right as I get the objectives of a really easy level 3 mission done. In warps a yellow Heron who loots and goes red. I type "LOL!" in local and loot the last of the BC rat wrecks first leaving a ton of frigs for my little ninja friend. Destroyer is now on it's way home (6 jump round Trip) to get my freshly painted Incursus "Lunch Meat II" with spiffy T2 blasters and buffer armor tank kung-fu action sounds. The drake drifts around approaching the ninja now and then. Lunch Meat is warping to the gate for the system when my little buddy in black PJs locks me up (to scan me down) and start a convo. I did not grab it but it goes like this:

Ninja type: Hi, thx <3
Me: No problem. How's the Ninja business?
Ninja type: Don't know. this is my first time. concord blew up my ship.
Me: IC ;)
Ninja type: Thanks for not booming my ship.
Me: You are welcome. Where are your buddies?

Convo closes and the heron warps out. 5 seconds later lunch meat lands with me ready to spice up the life for us both a little. Even if this heron smelt like a chunk of meat waved at lions while hunters line up with bazooka behind the brush.

Some what disappointed I set the drake towards the agent and started to warp about the planets and belts in the system. Sure enough I found me 2 other fellows of the same corp. Flying an ishkur (drool) and a thorax with nice yellow glows.

Sure there would have been a good chance a PvE PST HM Drake and a PvP Incursus would not have had much of a chance Vs seasoned ninja types. However today I am kicking myself hard for not taking the bait.

This will happen again and a good practise might be to keep some PvP ships closer to where I am missioning. Perhaps I have found my happy place between industrialism and shooting stuff. Perhaps next time the bait will be me :)



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