Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Other EVE bloggers have taken a moment to introduce them self to potential blog readers. So here goes.

In the REAL world:

I am a Principal Engineer for a private company. I focus on virtualization and Storage Area Network systems. It pays the bills pretty well. I have been married for a little over 10 years. My wife is an exceptional mother, talented illustrator, and strong woman. She also plays games!!! We have 2 sons ages 4 and 6 who are curious and wild as they should be.

I have lived in Australia for 25 years and the USA for about 11 years. I've been fortunate to have done many things in these 36 years. When I was younger and single I used to focus on paintball, tennis, and trap/skeet shooting as my major past times. I also used to hunt large hairy critters in many different parts of Australia. I've been known to surf and snowboard socially. Scuba diving with friends now and then. Throw in some camping, hiking, mountain biking,rally driving, and Kempo kick boxing to round out my mid 20's.

I moved to the US for love having met my wife online and decided to see how real a 8 month old trans hemisphere online relationship could be. I'd say it is going pretty well 10 years in. Our first "date" was Half life 1 deathmatch. How geeky and cool is that!?

In the GAME world:

I've played video games (card and board games too) since I was about 10 years old. Starting with a commodore 64 and ending with my current windows 7 systems (Wii and PS1/2/3).

Some of my fondest times are sitting down with my wife playing either the silent hill, resident evil, or Final Fantasy series. Any kind of 2 player fighting game such as tekken often end in some kind of marital discontent. We are both fiercely competitive. Before we became parents Sundays would be wittled away playing games together and drinking tea. Now we play games with our kids on Sundays if the weather is nasty.

I started online early but my first real group based gaming online was with a Battlefield 1942 clan. I played with them for many years under the name "Dizzy_Dingo". Evolving through to battlefiled 2. I hung up my sniper rifle, Blackhawk/AH-6 little bird, and medic packs with Battlefield 2142. I still check in with the clan and joke of the old days. They play Call of Duty based games now, but run a battle field 2 server for us old timers.

In the year 2005 some time my wife and I found WoW. We had known about it for a while and resisted the MMO. Some old buddies from the clan convinced me to run a free trial. Followed by a second free trial, a subscription, an account for my wife, and my second account. I founded a guild on a whim as a way to tie together in game friends. It did what WoW guilds do over the next 4 years. At first it was a school for new players from levels 1-80. Then it was a social raiding guild. Then it split and became a social guild and a raiding guild. Then it grew and started to raid again. Then I got tired of my play time being 90% politics and 10% dailies. So passed the reigns and suspended my accounts.

Enter EVE into the fold as a request from a friend to try it. I tend to be a social person but in EVE I play more like a old grumpy space hermit. I might talk to folks in local and some times throw a new player mining in a destroyer a tip about ship bonus etc. I might drop the odd comment into local when warping about highsec. However for the most part I am focused on a very select personal goal. I have things I want to do and don't want advice from other people. I like to figure stuff out on my own. So for now I am in hermit mode in EVE. This will change as I come out of my learning stages. Eventually my corp. will give way to another corp. or I'll grow it and move into the more exciting parts of new Eden.

I did try a player corp. for a while. I found it nice to chat to folks but there was no direction present there. There was no unity and common goals. Nothing to strive towards. Pickup mining and mission running happened and I jumped in with both feet and helped. There was NO plans of moving into lowsec EVER!!! Wardecs were spent in doc discussing PvP fits and skills not giving them a try. It was not the life for me. I left the corp to live my hermit life and the friend who introduced me to EVE quit the game for "lack of content and too many assholes!" LOL!

In the BLOG world:

I am super new to blogging with this being my first stint at the sport. I blog as a journal for my own amusement and records primarily. However I do hope that some folks see the blog and my half crazed hermit rantings. I hope some of them can relate to my experiences as they come to pass and others can benefit from them to avoid some heart ache.

EVE proves to be a colorful place to blog about. It can be harsh at times, but I kind of dig that. EVE is the ultimate ego game. Your in charge of a demi god with nothing do with it but what you please. So much to do and forever to do it. I plan to blog here for a while and see where this thing goes. Hope some of you drop in and check it out.

Well that's about it for now. Sure there is a lot more to me than what is posted here. but in summary.

-I am a geek who is married with kids
-I am a grumpy old space hermit
-I will blog about the stuff I do in EVE. Good, Bad, or Whatever



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