Monday, March 22, 2010

THE Week, Weather, Chatter and What if?


Life in EVE stumbles along in the form of level 3 missions and T1 stuff building and selling. I find myself mining a lot less these days and buying/reprocessing materials for my production runs. While not wealthy by EVE standards. My wallet now ticks up at a steady pace. The reduction of time spent mining has greatly improved my earlier mood at the cross roads.

I lost another battle cruiser to a level 4 mission during the week. Some times the initial agro just cannot be tanked by a battle cruiser. I don't grumble so much about it now as I used too. I've recouped the cost swiftly running level 3s with a salvage ship in tow. Profit has been good and the risk super low. Sadly no further ninja salvage action to speak off. I am ready to die in the name of education with hopes to take some with me.

I've been on the fence about my little 2 man hermit corp. and have been "interviewing" potential alternatives. Unfortunately what I have found thus far are smaller groups of folks looking to expand who are not quite as well established as my own little corp down the roads to riches. None of them thus far have had any enthusiasm in recruiting or apparent purpose other than "some day we will go to null sec".

So for now I'll stick to what I am doing while poking about the recruitment channels. Heck I might even try my hand at recruiting. Lord knows I have some basic perks to offer folks. A small stock pile of T1 frigs kicking about with plenty of common ammo to shoot. I just cannot bring my self to lead again right now.


It has been a stellar week up here in the New England region of the USA. I've been out and about with my family and find it harder to settle into a solid gaming routine. This is normal for me as the winter snows melt giving way to more time in the real world.

The hammock and wind chimes are up in the yard. Mountain bikes are off the hangers and tires inflated to the correct pressure. The boys are learning archery under my close and proud instruction and doing very well at it. They earned them self a new bow this weekend.

The spring is coming folks and a happier hermit am I with blue skies.


There are some interesting discussions floating about around An Open Letter to CCP Regarding Tyrannis. I am not near an old and wise EVE player. However as a grumpy old space hermit I can relate to this letter. I am not so sure CCP are quite as blind to the pitfalls are the poster might project but there is definatly some evidence about the blog traps that Domination broke some stuff pretty hard. Some dev blogs have even suggested that the backend is not keeping up. I don't really see whats broken here in my blissfully ignorant highsec noob life right now. I does make for some interesting reading.

I do look forward to planetary interaction and the apparent industrial focus of it today. EVE being a PvP game does lend some concern over how this might evolve to incorporate combat. The tie in with DUST is logical with FPS style combat being the best way to fight over surface zones and installations. The issue is that DUST is not going to be a part of EVE but a completely separate game.

As a capsuleer that worries me a little. That I am not just pitting my resources against other players in the game, but rather against folks in another game all together. Sure I have a PS3 and deep in my gaming skills lies a dormant "run and gun" skill set. Christ I even have some tactical command abilities and was once a capable pilot of surface assault craft. Yet there is just some thing unsettling about some other community impacting EVE.


Perhaps walk in stations is an early pilot to how capsuleers might interact on the surface with the DUST engine as incorporated into EVE. I wounder how well some of our top pirates and nullsec commanders might fair if they have to put boots on the ground to keep there planetary installations. How it might be possible some day to pursue some one into a station on foot and hunt them down. The last safe heaven is no longer safe but rather just another hunting ground.

There are many places that CCP can take EVE and if you stop to consider it as THE ultimate space combat game. Why not consider that there could be a FPS aspect of it and that in station is fair game too. Folks write fiction about it in which the EVE avatar is depicted at bars and in quarters. Why not eventually extend the game into this realm if you truly are trying to create the complete sandbox. Perhaps they add a "Board ship" option to space combat where rather than ransom a pod pilot one can make a play at capturing the craft. Making the self destruct button a little more than cheating some one out of a kill. A pirate can blow the ship up, ransom, or risk going life and limb to get a ship out of the deal or die trying.

Countless possibilities with incorporating a FPS aspect to EVE and a nice what if.



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