Monday, June 14, 2010

10M Skill points for SonOfBraben.

Some balloons went up on the carebear ranch this weekend and some very dusty blasters let loose some shots of celebration. See the star of the ranch and the original EVE SOB toon ticked over 10M skill points over the weekend.

It was a quiet moment on the ranch when it happened. I had just pulled some 1MN MWD II BPC out of the oven and was pottering about in P.I. between RL duties. I happened to be checking my standings and all that when I noticed 10,000,123 SP on the dial for SonOfBraben. Wahoo!!! This toon might actually be worth a damn in the industry space and I might actually get to stop calling myself a noob. Sure it’s a small promotion to looser from noob, but still 10M SP is a milestone.

Taking a peek at EVE MON and the handy dandy “skills pie chart…” tool. It’s pretty clear that I am a carebear by looking at the generous slices devoted to science, industry, and now Planet management. It’s odd that spaceship command is the largest pie slice considering that this guy is not cross trained in any way past Gallente. Sure there is a hulk license in there but well it’s an odd stat to be so high considering all the T2 science skills this fool has.

The rest of the pie is filled out with some T2 armor and shield tanking basics with a splash of drones and blasters thrown in to make the Incursus and Brutix more efficient. SonOfBraben can fully fit a Myrmidon in T2 everything down to the rigs as well. So it’s not all manufacturing, invention, and P.I. colonies for this guy. Still he is soft and cuddly and not much of a fighter.

ZombiNutz is at 8,612,570 SP meaning we should have another party on the PVP side sometime next month. However for now let’s not steal the thunder from the ranch. Lord knows we don’t often have reason to praise it.




  1. Congrats though, passing 10 is a milestone. And at least he is well balanced.

  2. Before ZombiNutz came along I had to do it all with this fellow. Hence the ability to fit up to BC in T2 gear. From here on out though he will focus hard on the industry and science. The good news is, I have not turned on a mining laser in 4 weeks. Small T2 frig mods are selling too :)

    Cheers and thanks for dropping in.