Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A little love for the rifter.

*cracked record* REAL LIFE HAS BEEN NUTZ! */Cracked record*

So when I do get a moment of peace and devotion for EVE it is always nice to get a kill and pod with ZombiNutz. Mrs. SOB had a hard day yesterday and retired early leaving me a few hours of solid focused time to myself. I of course devoted this time to EVE and more specifically to ZombiNutz and NULL PvP.

I logged in to the carebear ranch for a moment to check sell orders and run a fast R&D agent mission for the day. Then I jumped on comms and logged into ZombiNutz who was still out in Empire Stiletto shopping when the intel channels lit up about a gang of 5 Stealth bombers in our pocket. Voice comms lit up as well so I jump cloned back to home system and strapped into “pod racer MKIII” my trusty T2 tackle rifter and fleeted up.

With smooth co-ordination we were carved into camp squads and set up bubbles on outbound gates. Settled into our de-cloaking gate camp formations and waited. The gate gangs were small with only 6-8 ships per gate which was fine as we were hunting manticore and nemesis. These thin skinned slippery critters with big teeth require a quick shot more so than a large bullet. We did not have to wait long.

They filtered through one at a time through the two possible gates out of the system they were penned in. I was lucky enough to point one manticore and his pod but the other 2 that came through our gate melted before I could get a weapon activated with them de-cloaking on the far side of my orbit. In all we got 3 on our gate and they got one on the other gate. One made it through and hung around in local chatting with the FCs about the world and EVE politics.

There was a lot of chatter about the future of Alliance PvP on voice comms as well. Some links posted to fleet setups and fits for some future fun. Nothing I can share with you all at this time, and nothing that the spies don’t know as well I am sure. My infant steps into NULL PvP are going well and honestly I am having a blast.



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