Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where in the Universe is EVE SOB - June 2010

It is time for this month’s “Where in the Universe is EVE SOB” post where every month I summarize where I am at in EVE. I also throw in some real world stuff and the top CNN headline of the day for a historical WTF was the world doing back then element.

Where am I?

This is my 50th blog post which seems fitting as I start into the 6th month as an EVE blogger. I could bore you to tears with Google analytics stats but really there is only so many ways you can say that I am small time with ~264 unique page views over these last 5 months. I have about 20 “regulars” now and folks take a moment now and then to comment on my stuff. Really it’s all I can ask for when writing a blog for myself. So thanks to those folks who drop in now and then!
This past month has been a skint month for EVE time. The world planet side has been busy with mini clones, land frigates, potential POS moves, and duties to earn US$. However the month does not go without some milestones.

Perhaps the biggest news is that Tyrannies has been deployed as a major content patch to EVE. WE now have the ability to interact with planets in the form of small industrial colonies. These colonies can provide many of the NPC items needed for all kinds of fun and exciting things. Perhaps the biggest being POS parts and fuels but to be honest what you can do with PI is pretty cool. EVE UNI did a crazy good guide that can be found here.

How’s building stuff doing?

The ranch does well and while we are considerably poorer in terms of raw ISK. We have invested heavily in T2 production. The BPO library has grown to over 50 now with many component level items for common T2 mods and ships being added. Skills are chugging away, R&D agents at work, and we are making small batches of stuff to sell or ship to NULL for ZombiNutz to blow up.

Janice is making a nice side business running courier contracts for associates as well. Making herself and the ranch some modest income which in turn pays for a bigger cow to fly. She is also a diligent salvager and her work makes for some free rigs all around.

How’s shooting stuff doing?

Life has slowed down for ZombiNutz far too much with real life limiting play time. I’ve logged far too few hours with him and his skills are about all that has shown and great gain this month.
I have made a few fleet training and system defense ops though. Getting a raven kill during “gate camp school” which is always nice to finish a lesson with real world experience. I spent some time with the fleet last night chasing a curse and wolf out of our pocket last night. Ended in them both logging in system. I missed a point on the curse in my rifter by about 200M. Literally locked and MWD in with scram cooking to try and get it off the planet he landed off gate. Sure I might have been neuted to death but I have rifters to burn and the fleet was keen. Was anti climactic to see them log off in system but still it was good to respond to a threat and set up traps that were enough to force a log off. Next time!

What Skills am I training?

SonOfBraben: Is taking a vacation on PI skills then back to the long road of T2 production. So much the same as last month here but the 10M SP mark is closing fast. I’ll post some pretty pie graphs for the world to see when I hit the milestone.

Zombinutz: Is rounding out T2 Frigate hulls keeping his focus on tackle as the primary role for now. Half way through the month I should round out AF, interceptors, and Covert ops for both Minmatar and Caldari. Then I’ll focus on making the drake a little more use in fleet PvP with HAMs to T2

In that pesky real world:

Well to be honest the real world is insane. Work is ramping up as we move into broader waters and the summer of expansion/tech refresh projects get under way. To make things a little extra challenging and significantly add to the "crispy Fried" level of my. We are looking to move out planet side POS from one constellation to another so the mini clones can have better access to skill books (moving a few towns over for better schools, for those non-eve types). Aside from this the summer keeps me busy but is a ton of fun. Our May flies have died off so the hammock is getting more use and we can all enjoy the sunshine a lot more.

CNN headline for Today:

Cheers and Fly Grumpy.



  1. Hell of an article there, been debating about the whole Israel situation myself. Ugly stuff all around.

    SPEAKING OF UGLY! What does your UI look like nowadays? You said you were gonna show me aaaages ago so I'm refreshing your memory :)

  2. LOL! Yeah the CNN articles are the top cover story of the day I post this on It's funny how they come out. I guess I better carry all my "papers" when traveling around AZ.

    Yes I do owe you a screen shot don't I! Damn it! Now I gotta make another post today.

    Thanks for dropping in.