Friday, September 17, 2010

*BLINK* there goes a week…

So my last post on Monday was a little update on P.I. and how P1 products are all the rage in the market. While I’d still maintain this is true for the most part. Certain activities this week has lead me to believe that the RIGHT P2-3 products are more profitable. I am not going to bore you to death with details, but after hauling ISK300M worth of stockpiled P1 products to Jita one day this week. I spent a great deal of time on the market looking at what my little manufacturing planet can do to help me make less trips to Jita and more ISK. This lead to a complete re-work of several of my colonies, and a brand new spreadsheet. RIVITING STUFF, but I now make ~320M ISK a month for 30 minutes a day. Once I can stockpile some capital, time to start funding my second account with plex. WOOT!

Datacores are good things and while I am currently funding all invention jobs with farmed passive datacores on the ranch. I could be doing a lot better if I had some increased standings with the R&D corps. I need to go out there and just do it to unlock level 4 R&D agents. This means more missions running and perhaps taking a vacation in other regions with better agents. One might consider this a grind, but well I don’t HAVE to do it.

I bumped into wamphyrri for a quick convo this week as well. We were discussing ratting Battleships and trying to find a date to shoot each in the face with EMP S in rifters. I was online trying to get hold of my 0.0 corp. CEO to get the low down on some cheap drakes down those parts. So at least I spent some time online talking about PvP I guess. Sadly no time this week fling anything as ZombiNutz. Actually this week my carebear main fired more rounds at other players (well ECM drones) than my PvP pilot. Sad SOB!

If you took a moment to read the short chunk of fiction I wrote and then the recent post of smart peoples help for T2 haulers. You might click that my fleet of badgers are not in line with my current hauling needs. This is not just for supply in 0.0 but goes a little deeper in my general EVE life. I am not going to let too many cats out of the bag at the moment. Let’s just say my operations for carebearing are no longer bound to highsec and leave it at that. Oh and before you start camping LowSec entry gates, I’ve got some days of training left.

Either way this week was a blur both in EVE and mostly in RL. Colder weather and shorter days still don’t have the mini-clones settling to bed any sooner and Mrs. SOB has been lonely of late and demanding more of my time (not a bad thing *wink*). Makes the 30 mins a day of ISK making easy to sustain, but I want more time to shoot stuff one way or another.



P.S. Seems like people read my making free ISK articles as well. I might have to write another once I find a nice easy way to make ISK with little effort. I tried some trading and made 20% back on my investments, but ended up hauling stuff more than I would like. Damn skills!

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