Thursday, September 9, 2010

I feel a wind a blowin'

Every once and a while in EVE waters need to be tested and positions on the beach re-evaluated. real life can be a bear to us all and stomp on our EVE time. PvP takes dedicated time and I am not one to commit to anything that I know will only get 50% of my effort. I type this at 10am having all ready worked 11 hours before taking a cat nap to go back to the grinding wheel for 6+ more hours. Oh and my kids will surly want me to be awake and a dad when they get home from school. Not complaining I have a good life, but I cannot be a jump on at any moment for a 4 hour fleet op person.

Either way changes might be coming to my PvP life, or my PvP life might give way to some carebear vacation time while I get things scheduled and find the right fit in a corp. Then again I might just stay right where I am and figure it out. That's the thing with change, it's not always by the books.

I am working on some more detail around the P.I. farm I run and what it does and/or does not do well. I am still venturing out now and then in a rifter and I do have some 1v1's I need to get too. Be patient with me please. In good time I will get to it all.



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