Monday, September 13, 2010

P.I. Update

All right the official word right now according to me is P1 products are worth about 15% more than P2-P4 products based on JITA 4-4 buy orders. I net about 170M ISK a month from 14 Highsec making some select P2-P3 products. If I take the same base P1 products and sell them for the current buy orders I’d make 200M ISK a month.

Having said that, hauling vast volumes of P1 products into JITA has a fair amount of RISK and TIME associated to it. So for me the extra 15% is not so much worth the chance to lose a small chunk of it hauling it into Jita, or the extra hours a week it takes to do so.

On a side note I’ve found that I can build all of the products I am currently building on one planet. So I have 13 extracting planets now and 1 very busy manufacturing planet. This allowed me to set up a Highsec Oceanic planet that nets me 2M ISK a day for about 28 double clicks.

If the winter expansion beings the “master” extractor to the UI allowing folks to restart an entire planets extractors with just a few clicks. Then I might have to see how managing 20 planets goes. Right now I am at my daily click quota. So far for the time invested I am happy with the ISK it returns.



P.S. If you are set up to run 23 hour extractor cycles, but can find 1 day a week to run 5 hour cycles. It adds a ton of potential to P1 product harvesting. Just be sure to boost any links as 5 hour cycles push a lot more stuff. I can pretty much not log in for a few days on most of my planets now and know they will be producing P1 products. Happy times.

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