Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Winter Expansion: Incursion - Early thoughts.

So if you have not read it yet check out the announcement for Incursion the 2010 EVE winter expansion here http://www.eveonline.com/incursion/

Some highlights:
· Sansha attacks are back for some more PvE fun – Hints of motherships and LP rewards
· CSM suggested improvements – Well \o/ rock on CSM!
· Hardware upgrades – JITA nodes for all please (aka the ‘double wide’ IBM blade)
· Software upgrades – Does this mean client min specs upgrades?
· Game and fleet performance – AMEN!
· CCP’s Carbon Character technology – we all just got a lot sexier (incarna is coming)
· Noctis – salvage ship saving the prime hull
· Amazing New visuals – more sparkle on our sparklies!
· Dynamic and simplified system for P.I. – NO MORE BILLION CLICKS A DAY!!!

Not much else in there at this point in time. Sounds like another PvE focused expansion with some tweaks to the big boy PvP stuff. The carebear in me is happy, and well my PvP side is sleepy and unloved. So I guess it’s a win. Be interesting to see how much carbon we get. How much less lag there is. If we suddenly need a PC with an APEX card to get decent eye candy at performance.

You excited yet kiddies?




  1. hmm, ya, i am kinda excited! I wonder if the new sparcle is the texture upgrades that they said were coming in tyrranis? As for the sansha fights! Well! Woot indeed! I do hope the sansha ships get a bit of love with this cuz they are just kinda pve hac's atm, no real pvp merrit.

  2. Thanks for dropping in Rusty. Not sure what kind of eye candy we will get, but more eye candy is never bad. Just like more group PvE is good for the carebears and the PvP folks. Cannot say much about faction ships as they are not really part of my game today.



  3. tbh, something els that i have finally realised. motherships! ccp said they are bringing back motherships. so what will this new ship be, not another super carrier im sure. maybe a ship such as a mobile base? for nomadic 0.0 corps? exciting!!