Friday, February 26, 2010

All tank and no Gank...

Everyday in New Eden we are faced with new lessons to learn. I am certainly not the first person to do any of this. There are plenty of great resources around the Internet for new players for almost any aspect of the game. Some days I read these but most days I choose to figure it out on my own. Call me a fool if you want, but I've always kind of enjoyed the game more when I don't stop and read every last detail about a certain part before I jump in. I also still like to open gifts at Christmas when I have no idea of what's inside. Call me old fashioned but I still enjoy a good surprise.

I've been off in the real world for a little bit now. This tends to happen now and then as I am a father of 2, work for a living, and like to undertake projects that make my life more enjoyable once done. Currently we are faced with some WONDERFUL weather in New England to add to the task list. Literally part of my house blew off last night after 14 inches of snow and 3 inches of rain. However I digress. Life is a busy thing nuff said.

Anyhow I've been sneaking on here and there mining playing on my 100 inch front projection TV. I actually dropped off to sleep last night while mining. Not hard to believe at all considering the dull dreary drone of strip miners and the lack of ANY rats in a 0.6 system to wake me up. I also had 2 warm cats piled on the sofa with me that did not help. Crap drifting away again.

So basically I was in the office alone today for the morning. Being an avid believer that I can multi task. While I worked on my daily lists I also took both accounts over to a level 4 caldari navy mission agent and set about the task of clearing a nice 5 room security mission. I was playing on my trusty Dell laptop alt tabbing between a drake and a myrmidon as I went about the task of clearing the rooms. Migrating some legacy VMware hosts from an old outdated vCenter to a new one at the same time on my desktop. CAKE!

-Room 1 was simple. A pair of frigs, 4 Battlecruisers and a pair of Battleships. Easy pickings for my dynamic Battlecruiser duo. Migrated 10 hosts while clearing this.
-Room 2 was similar. Had a few waves and about twice the numbers as room 1. Migrated 7 hosts while clearing this.
-Room 3 is where it got fun. There are 3 waves spawning when you eliminate parts of each one. I started by dropping in the drake to tank followed by the myrmidon once agro has been grabbed. Went well until wave three dropped and I was not looking at 10 battleships, a few frigs, and 3 battlecruisers. Incoming DPS was getting hard to tank (cruise missiles) and outgoing DPS was taking far to long to pop the Battle ships. I was able to clear the room with some warp outs. Migrated just 2 hosts during this room.
-Room 4 is the same with more cruise missile firing battleships and some cruise sentry fixtures. It has less battecruisers and frigates. Incoming DPS is higher but tankable by warping in both the drake and the myrmidon and splitting the agro. I kite with the myrmidon to pull half the DPS away from the warp in. Now the issue is very apparent. My own DPS is just not quite up to the task. I chew down the sentry guns, and the frigates and battle cruisers. I am left with about a dozen battle ships when I need to log as folks start to drift into the office. Sure not going to get the time bonus on this one, but hey it's only half million isk. ;) No hosts migrated during this part. real work had stopped.

So basically the short of it all is the drake and myrmidon both have solid tanking skills. All T2 mods and the majority of the skills required at level 4-5. They both have T2 drones (some skills need some work still). The real downer is they have sub par weapons skills. The drake has Heavy Missiles but cannot quite field T2 launchers or fury missiles. The myrmidon has T1 blasters and is no where near T2 even if the drones are the main DPS. They need some secondary skill work too.

So all tank and no gank is where I am at. It was fine for level 3 caldari navy security missions. It's sure as heck not cutting it for level 4's.

So while I would still advise mission runners to get there tanks up to snuff first. I'd also highly recommend not doing much else until you have the guns to match the tank before stepping into level 4's.

I feel the battlecruisers are up to the task of running level 4's together once I get the gank fixed. Especially when the EVE SOB SPACE remodeling is complete and I have both my systems back online with synergy sharing a keyboard and mouse between them. No more alt tabbing again will be awesome. Perhaps some remote repping might be a good thing to add once the gank is fixed. Time will tell.



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