Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 Direction...


So I talk of focus being the path to rewards and fun in EVE. I recently struck out on my own forming a corp. for my two EVE accounts. Like many new EVE players I have a ton of choices of what I can do. Ultimately I settled to focus on manufacturing and highsec mission running this year. Build my wealth before heading to lowsec/nullsec to blow it all in blue flashes.

So what goals did I set for my corp. and how well am I doing:

Highsec research POS buy Mid 2010. - 11.5%
- Standings - 10% (6.0 with Caldari Space Factions)
- Funds - 20% (500M in corp wallet)
- 6 Months Fuel - 5% (Ice Mining SUCKS!)

Manufacture T1 ships, mods, ammo for sale and corp. - 84%
- Frigates - 100% (2 Caldari and 2 Gallente)
- Destroyers - 100% (Gallente)
- Crusers - 50% (1 Caldari and 1 Gallente)
- Mods - 70% (all basic PvE and PvP fits for above)
- Ammo - 100% (all t1 ammo for above)

Scanning - 74%
- Scan and hack - 80%
- Scan and salvage - 90%
- Scan and get lost in (worm holes) - 50%
- Scan and mine - 100%
- Scan and run from (other ships in case of WAR) - 50%

Pretty standard stuff for a newbie care bear in Highsec. There are at least 10 other corps based in my HQ system alone doing the same thing. I can hear the PvP folks groan while trying to scan down my location to put me out of my misery.

All the above is foundation for my ultimate goals to build PEW PEW to take into LowSec and NullSec to get an education in shooting (both ways) and trying to make the other guy die first.

Recruiting will start once the Death... um.. sorry POS is operational.




  1. Just skip the middle man and start pvp now :)

    Good luck on your goals, I almost feel like you have a microsoft project file with deadlines for this stuff!

  2. LOL! No spreadsheets or project files. get enough of that at work.

    I am real tempted to start poking around in Lowsec. I'd expect to be seriously murdered but every blue flash should help me learn some thing.