Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear god, what was that!!!

Some times mother nature can be a charming one. Other times she slaps you up the side of the head and sends you spinning.

I'd like to say I spent time playing EVE this weekend. I'd like to tell you all about my "mashed potatoes and well done steak" existence in EVE. Christ I'd even like to post pictures of my new office that I am building.

In stead I am sitting here in a dizzy fog as the last strains of some truly hanus 24 hour bug battle with my immune system. Some of the joys of the last 24 hours include full body aches, cold sweats, dizziness, nausea, and general "any one get the licence plate" feelings.

All this and I have missions that expire soon, my market orders have all but sold. I have materials waiting to be processed. Oh and I have 46+ feet of dry wall yet to hang, tape and mud.

I don't have time for this sickness. I have stuff to do!



P.S. If anyone needs some reasonably priced Catalysts or Antimatter M in Lonetrek. Help out a fellow pod pilot down on his health. ;)

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