Monday, February 22, 2010

Slow week.

This past week has been slow for me in terms of EVE. I've not been able to log much active time for EVE. Real life is busy and the remodeling of my "evespace" has put a serious dent in my play time as well.

So what good has come this week. What can I blog about in the EVE world. There are a few things.


A new "expansion" has been announced. So far not to thrilled about fixing lag or EVEgate. Planetary structures sound cool and could be considered a big part of SC-FI space fun. My fear is that it will be too expensive for the new player to undertake or become the new public research LAB, where finding a slot to actually take part will require long waits or moving out into unsettled areas. We shall see how it all pans out.


A post on Dense Veldspar called "What is a carebear?" got me thinking about my life in highsec. I think the definition of the carebear is a good one, being some one who hates conflict so much they want to change EVE to avoid it. Simple answer, GO PLAY FREAKING SECONDLIFE!

I choose to live a passive life right now, as I am on a self imposed path of industry. This path however has a long term focus to get me to a more PvP focused life in EVE. Does this mean I consider myself a carebear, not really. I've called myself one but I never really considered myself a person who did not like a good fight. I've lost a ship to another player once thus far. This was a corp. mole who decided it was AWESOME to gank my retriver and badger from the safety of the corp I was a member off. Not thrilling nor exciting. Actually kind of sad really. ;)

A lot of the true reason behind not loosing more ships lies in the stark reality that I have not actually gone looking for a fight. I just don't belive I have the base skills to do much more than die and loose ISK right now. This will change once construction of my new EVESPACE is done. I plan to Cristen the space with a trip into lowsec to learn how to die well.


What's your "EVESPACE" is a current theme filtering around the blogs. Mine right now is a whole lot of plaster waiting for the inside seams to be drawn down with the 10 inch knife. Then finish sanding and paint come after that. For as long as we have owned this house I've had a computer desk set against a wall in our basement as my gaming space. In about a week I should have the new space finished and can participate with some pictures.


CK's re-working the blog pack. It was surprising to see my blog referenced by astral dominix. I read his blog often and find his writing style and journeys with in EVE a good read. Thanks for the mention mate!

While I try to post things of meaning when I post. I keep this blog mostly for my own records while hoping the few that read it enjoy the content. Perhaps some day it might be good for other new EVE players to read of my travels in new Eden. Who knows. For now I do this for me.

One thing that I have always enjoyed is reading the blog pack. I live on capsuleer on my iPhone and through my own blog roll follow some of my favorites. I like to read about the PvP folks, the pirates, and the old souls who have done much in and for EVE. I am excited to see how the blog pack evolves. I would like to see a more new player focus from a few of them. Perhaps some highsec industrialist types to balance the Yarr a little (but not too much).

Either way I don't aspire to be part of the ranks right now. I'd just be happy for some damn comment spam and more time to play EVE right now.



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