Friday, February 26, 2010

Sad SAD way to loose a Drake

This will be short and to the point. Finishing off my level 4 mission from my last post. Last room and last wave of the thing. Kicking ass taking names.

I was dragging around 8 battleships going about the business of wearing them down. I get STUCK in a structure at 1/3rd Shields taking all the incoming DPS. Nothing I could do but click on what seemed to be the shortest way out of the middle of the structure and watch as my Shields, armor and hull are stripped away with NO way to get out.

I could have tried to CTRL+Q I guess, but to be honest I was just down right WTF about my ship getting wedged into a freaking structure mid missions. I mean really folks. We cannot crash into stuff we are supposed to bounce off, but if the collision mechanics are so crappy that you bounce in the middle of it and then play pinball with a 50M ISK battlecruiser. W T F!

OK feel better now. Time to spend another 20M ISK to refit me a new Drake.



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