Monday, February 8, 2010

And the winners are...

Hats off to winners of the "Why I love EVE" contest. I tried to write some thing about being disappointed in not winning a prize. I really did try to be a bitter angry old space hermit. I truly did.

However it is very hard to feel anything but respect and fondness towards all those who participated. The strength of the writing and the obvious truth in what we all said. I mean we all really DO love EVE. Some of us as much as we love anything in the world.

So hats off to the winners once again. Below is an honorary mention of the top 10:

1st Prize - $100 in EVE Store merchandise: Wench with a Wrench

2nd Prize - $50 in EVE Store merchandise: Don't Fear the Mutant

3rd Prize- $25 in EVE Store merchandise: Into the unknown with gun and camera

4th Prize - $25 in EVE Store merchandise: Sered's Lives
5th-10th - FlashFresh EVEOGANDA Vive Virtual Why do I love EVE Online An Extremely Complicated Survival Machine Ecliptic Rift

Cheers and GRATZ!


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