Monday, February 15, 2010

Bad Ideas...

In the real world my office/gaming room is packed away for upgrades. So starved of some EVE action I decided to connect my gaming rig to my DLP projector and play EVE on a 100" screen.

BAD IDEA #1: While the ships look really cool! Even with the text set to the largest setting it's really hard to read anything. It's also really REALLY hard to see if you are being warp scrambled. Sure the nice webbed effect is easy to spot, but not the scram. /facepalm

To make matters worse I was sleepy when running a multi Battle ship level 4 missions with one room and 3 waves in a Battle Cruiser.

BAD IDEA #2: While running level 4 missions in a battle cruiser is very possible. Trying to do a single room with multiple waves of battle ships and supporting cruisers and frigates requires some attention to detail. A little kiting here, some drone shuffling there, and warping out and back in at distance when DPS gets too much to handle. NOT SOME THING TO DO WHEN SLEEPY!

So half a sleep and biting off more than I can chew AND not being able to clearly see the warp scramble. Almost cost me a Myrmidon.

Fortunately after over a decade working on Information technology environments. Sudden calls to action result in me becoming instantly awake and able to think. If I was in my passive shield tank Drake I would have popped as they would have broken my shield and well that's a very slippery slop through armor and hull to my pod. The armor tanking Myrmidon as able to (even with cap running out during the event) keep me going long enough to warp out at 1/4 hull and some armor. After a painful repair (~2M ISK for a mission the gives 1M rewards) I was able to come back in at 100K and kite the field around to finish and loot.

So don't play on the big screen if you need to read small text (EVE does not have a GEEZER mode) and don't run single room wave based level 4's in a battle cruisers when your half awake.

We live and learn.



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