Friday, February 12, 2010

Enrolling in the school of lumps!

As EVE is a PvP game. It should be said that even an industrialist avatar should have PvP experience and skills. The reality is at any point in any ship in EVE you can be attacked. The old saying "Don't fly anything you cannot afford to loose!" really is sound advice. So where does this take this grumpy old space hermit?

The answer is simple. Pick some T1 Frigs fits that I can fly today and go get blown up in the name of education. So what can I fly and what's a good fit? I have two accounts. Both can fly their race T2 fitted Battle cruiser in a PvE sense but PvE is not the same beast as PvP!

So what IS a good basic beginner PvP T1 Frig fit for a Gallente to fly? Let's begin by stating and reminding the flamers - I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT PVP FITS! OK good! Now lets add - If you read this and have suggestions. All are welcome useful or not! OK good!

I see two Gallente options available to me:

The Tristan:

- Light Ion Blaster II (2)
- Limos Rocket Launher I (2)
-Named T1 Web
-Named T1 Scram
-Named T1 1MN AB
-200MM RTP

Million examples of a similar fit on Battle clinic. I can fly this in about 10 days. I build tristans and all the ammo. Should be able to fit 10 of these with out much of a scratch in my budget and go get smacked.

The Incursus:

- Anode Light Ion Particle Cannon I (3)
-named web
-named scram
-named 1MN AB

Once again not exactly original but I can fly it NOW. I could make them (just don't have the BPO) and they are cheap as chips. Drone wise I can drop a Hobgoblin II into either fits above.

This leads me to another potential option. I have two accounts and I duel box everything else I do in EVE. What could my second account be flying to aid me in my baptism by fire? Remote reppers seem interesting. The second account is Caldari and has some nice missile skills. I could fit a cloak to a drake and let fly with some T2 missile hell on those hungry folks who go after my little bitty frigate. Sure I box level 4 missions now, but like I said above (jackass), PvE and PvP are two different beasts. So for now I'll just take my mining account for a spin in one of the fits above. I can counter the hysterical amount of deaths to kills with the argument that it's a mining account.

Anyhow, for the three of you that read my blog (mom does not count). Leave a comment. Point and laugh if you must. It would be nice to have some feed back.



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