Friday, July 23, 2010

NO dead rifters yet! :(

So I’ve been out a few times in “Dead Rifter #1” looking for someone to death dance with. Ideally I’d love to start with another t1 frigate to see what comes of it. Sadly I only seem to find small gangs to wave and warp around. Typically all bloody T2 stuff too. Frustrated by this am I. I want to fight but I am not that blood thirsty to dive into a gang of T2 ships to give them another kill.

I also mistakenly flew into an area filled with hostile War Targets. This did not do much for increasing my chances of finding a nice solo fight. I did have a corp. mate with me in a thorax but he is from Finland making vent useless. Either way the best fight I could find was a gang of 3 with an onyx, Ishtar, and dominix. Needless to say I decided not to die in a bubble with a swarm of drones on my ass.

So it seems as if at the very least I am learning when NOT to attack and die. So there is that. Next I am going to move far far away from any space I’ve been for a while and find me some back water lowsec systems to hunt in. Perhaps somewhere in Gallente space.

Also we have a good size war going in Alliance wise. So it might actually be a tale of 5 dead drakes here shortly.



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