Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Super Awesome: The badger Mk1 for PI work.

So its official my real life has truly screwed up my EVE time. I was at the doctors and I have a wonderful case of tendonitis in my right hand. Anything more than 30 minutes of clicking at a time and it feels like a gorilla is trying to hack my wrist open with a butter knife. JOY…not…stupid freaking tendonitis!!!

Now before all you badass PvP types tell me to HTFU (more than I tell myself). I am not all useless and carebear bound just yet. However the limited use of the of my right hand means I need to do EVE activities that I can with my left hand. This tends to be the less intensive things like P.I. or level 3 missions. I refuse to mine and welcome hulkageddon III to further deter the sport.

Anyhow after my post about the Primae and how it was just another hanger ornament I got a lot of site hits about P.I. Boats on the blog. So I took my new hauler alt, Sister Janice, and trained her for some basic P.I. skills (well advanced Command centers) and started playing around with the humble Badger MKI. The goal was to build out a cheap P.I. boat that aligned and warped quickly, had 4K+ m3 cargo space, and could take a little abuse. I wanted fast and resilient as Janice is the account that takes all the P1 items collected by SonOfBraben and drops them onto a planet for advanced and high-tech processing into P2-4 products.

So with cheap and an unskilled hauler alt in mind I came up with this fit:

***EDIT*** Text Version for Fit for Rantuket***EDIT***

[Badger, P.i. convent]
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Inertia Stabilizers I
[empty med slot]
1MN MicroWarpdrive I
Medium Shield Extender I
[empty med slot]
[empty high slot]

Yeah yeah, before you get in my grill about empty slots and rigs and stuff. Remember this is supposed to be cheap and for brand new pilots. It does align and warp at a deacent rate and its cheap. Like under 1M ISK cheap (sorry cannot do a price check in Jita etc) and any caldari can pretty much fly it with a small amount of training.

So if I was to fit it with say Zombinutz my combat pilot. It would look more like this:

***EDIT*** Test version of fit added for Rantucket ***EDIT***

[Badger, ZombiNutz]
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Inertia Stabilizers I
Medium Shield Extender II
1MN MicroWarpdrive II
Invulnerability Field II
Shield Recharger II
Small 'Vehemence' I Shockwave Charge
Medium Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Medium Core Defence Field Extender I

Now sure cheap and unskilled (flame on you 5 year old accounts, remember ZombiNutz is 8 months old) has gone out the door. However this thing has a fair tank, deacent speed, and align time is snappy. It also has some “teeth” with a small smart bomb. If only to cause the lowsec gate camp folks to LOLZ so hard you get away or catch a really BAD interceptor pilot in range with his MWD on. Oh that would be a shameful kill mail to post.

Either way the humble basic entry level T1 badger MK I is a damn fine boat for High/low sec P.I. Work. I use either it or a Iteron MKI for all my hauling of Planitary products and have no desire to ever undock my Primae again.

If you have a fit for a badger MKI that you would like to share post them up below. The goal here is to help new players with fitting a cheap hauler for P.I. work in high/low security. I am sure even the BBW can set aside his PvP only mind and fit us up a nice badger…



P.S. Once this damn hand heals, I am NEED to shoot something and post about it.


  1. Cant see the fits buddy, post them up as well as having the pictures?

    EFT copy & paste FTW!

  2. Thanks for dropping in Rantucket.

    Yeah, I wrote this post during a slow day at work. I had the origional images for the fits which were much easier to see. I've edited the post to add the text versions of the fits. Hope it helps it took me a while to read backlogged comments and correct this.