Tuesday, July 27, 2010

STILL NO dead Rifters!

So I went out hunting yesterday. There are a few 0.4 systems in Lonetrek, Dantumi and Aurohunter, which lead down into a patch of LowSec space. It’s near the carebear ranch making it an easy place for me to stage solo PvP runs.

I was bouncing around these two systems and the many belts and planets working on my dScan skills while looking for someone to fight. I was dodging a flashy red harbinger about the gates and a few belts while I set up some safes. One day I’ll try a Harb in a rifter, but the first is prolly not wise when piloted by someone with a -10.0 sec status. They might have a clue and I sure do not at this point. So I pick my fights.

I did see a flashy red rifter about the traps. Solo I am sure it would not have gone well for me, but I was going to give it a try. I found him in a belt and warped in at 30. He was sitting at 50 so I started towards him with my short point. I got to 15KM and local jumped by 4. The time I have spent in NULL with Zombie has left me pretty “sensitive” to local jumping. So instinctively I warped to a safe (other rifter locked but did not get point) and sure enough the 4 extras in local were the rest of my flashy red rifters crew. Surprised they jumped before he got his point but I am glad that I made it out.

I did get a tackle on a lone stiletto and was able to get in gun range and strip back 90% of his shields on the gate from Dantumi to Ossa. Unfortunately he was able to jump before I could get the kill. He shot back while he fled but did not point me. He peeled my shields back too but decided to run. Not knowing the rules for aggression jumping from Low to High Sec. I did not follow him through. I burned around the gate for a bit looking for gate fires or someone else to land. Local went up by one with my rifter friend from above. So I decided to head back to the ranch for the night. Man a stiletto would have made a nice first solo kill, but not this time.

So it seems I am still learning when to GTFO and so far I’ve been able to make safes while being chased and use them to avoid gangs. I am also pleased that heading to a safe is muscle memory when local flairs as engaging. Sure I’d like to be posting my first real solo killmails, but I can be happy that I am not showing up on needless lossmails.

I also took my first stiletto delivery from the ranch yesterday as well. I still need to pay the bill, fit, and truck them out to NULL. However I am excited to step up the tackle game in Null from my fleet of T2 fit rifters. I’ll not be venturing out to Null until I burn all 5 rifter though. I might take a crack at that flashy red rifter next time. I’ll die for sure, but perhaps I can take him with me…




  1. ~sad wolf~

    You are looking at that flashy rifter engagement all wrong, he was so scared of you he called for backup asap!

    On another note I am currently up in your neck of the woods, based out of Saranen, so I hope to "catch" you online sometime soon.

    As for the Harb you should have engaged it, at worst it crushes you, at best you kite under it's guns and slowly, horribly kill it :)

  2. I wanted that stiletto bad! I was thinking the Harb would be lazors and armor tanked. I'l like to think a -10 sec pilot would be able to waste me.

    Hey if you want to meet and bring rifter in a 1v1. I'd gladly burn one of the 5 Vs the BBW.

    If you want to "catch" me online in that neck of the woods be quick. I was 20 hops away when I started my run yesterday.

    Speaking of taking on bigger fish in a rifter. I looked hard at a rifter/T3 red fleet hard at one of the gates traveling up from Mista. I'd imagine I'd have no chance against a T3 in a rifter right?