Friday, July 9, 2010

Odds and Ends Friday!

This week real life has been kinder to me. While my tendonitis still makes anything more than half an hour of play time unfun and painful. I did manage to zip ZombiNutz back to Empire to help some corpies get some standing for Jump clones. A care bear break running missions is a step up from P.I. extractor restarting. If I make it online this weekend, gimpy hand or not, there will be killmails.

Anyhow, here are some fun snippets about the traps this week:

CSM, Evagottheboot, Riots in the forum streets

Seems like everyone and there dog are posting on CSM this week. I am not going to dive into it too deep as this pool is full enough. Let’s just say CCP could choose to scrap CSM for good and NONE of us would quit EVE over it. You might think you would but honestly you would not! I do agree with Mandrill and others that CCP needs to make a clear statement why Eva was removed. Bad press is not good folks.

PLEX – The new target for Pirates

So after next Tuesdays down time PLEX will now be able to be dropped into a cargo hold and trucked about like antimatter S. Of course the gankers and pirates are all drooling in there rum about now. It seems with this change people can lose mot only ISK but $$ as well when they go POP. There should be fun times ahead.


Yeap, it’s started and all ready the kills are flowing. At the time of posting I checked the kill board and 369 Exhumers, 54 capsules, 6 industrial command ships, and 120 barges have gone pop. I’ve supported the event as long as been playing EVE. Check out the fun and games at




  1. My dream is popping a Badger with about 400 PLEX in it and selling them all to buy whatever I want for the next three or four years. I know this won't happen, but it is a worthy dream to have.

  2. Dreams a free mate! I would so suicide gank a badger with my industry alt if I knew it had a plex in it.

    Actually right now I might gank one just to kill some thing.