Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where in the Universe is EVE SOB - July 2010

It is time for this month’s “Where in the Universe is EVE SOB” post where every month I summarize where I am at in EVE. I also throw in some real world stuff and the top CNN headline of the day for a historical WTF was the world doing back then element.

Where am I?

Officially I am lost in the real world right now. It's been 6 long weeks of work and family commitments doing all they can to keep me out of New Eden. It appears to be a common theme through out the bloggers with Summer in the North Hemisphere. I feel like a cracked record as many of my posts begin with "RL is still kicking my ass" but it is what it is.

How’s building stuff doing?

There have been a few things brewing on the carebear ranch this past month. SonofBraben ticked over 10M Skill Points of industry goodness. We all skilled up for some RSI inducing P.I. fun and are merrily building P1-4 products. Braben is 30 hours away from T2 frigate construction skills and we have a healthy stockpile of Wolf, Jaguar, Stiletto, manticore, and Hawk BPCs waiting for production runs.

How’s shooting stuff doing?

L I M B O! That is where shooting stuff is at. It's been a slim month for play hours but ZombiNutz was able to get a few kills during the month. I have all the supporting skills for interceptors now and am midway through the 20D Interceptor 4 training to round it out. I've got some fitted Stiletto in Null waiting for RL to let up.

What Skills am I training?

SonOfBraben: Took a break to skill up hard for P.I. but got that done. Now he is rounding out Frigate Construction and then will go back to the mammoth T2 industry skill set.

Zombinutz: 20 days until interceptor V is done then I'll add caldari Frigate V to finish the month and let me ass crow/raptor hulls. I have so-so AF skills for the jaguar but would like to boost them a little more before burning too many hulls. Next steps will be to get to HAM II for the drake.

In the pesky real world:

Lots and lots going on here. Biggest new for July is 5 family birthdays happen between July1st and July 12th. The first being my eldest son who turns 7 today. So I've been hip deep in 7 yo kids at glow bowling parties. Swimming lessons for both sons as well after a less than calm incident where oldest boy decided to jump into the deep end of a 7ft pool. He went to the bottom and freaked himself and his mother out.

CNN headline for Today:



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