Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some things warrant flames - EVE Death Race 2010

I know I had said the next post will be of dead rifters and horrible deaths. I truly intended to post nothing until rifter #1 was dead and looted. However sometimes you read about something that has to be shared and is worth the flames that may come.

Rixx Javixx over at EVEOGANDA has announced EVE DEATH RACE 2010. So in actuality I am posting about dead ships, racing, and flaming deaths. The idea is simple enough in that any pilot with 5M ISK and a ship can partake in the race. The race itself is a free for all through a section of 0.0 with strong favor given to folks who win by eliminating the competition.

Here are some rules as posted by RJ:

• Entrance fee is 5 million isk per racer

• Enrollment begins on August 1st, 2010
• Shuttles and Cloaky Ships are not allowed
• Ships that can fit a Cyno are also not allowed and using a Cyno is forbidden
• Aggression is permitted after the race starts
• Gangs, Teams and Corps are permitted (But each racer pays the entrance fee)
• Fleet up will occur in a low-sec system to be announced
• The Death Race is Sunday, August 22nd and will start at 18:00 Eve time

> Other details will be announced as race day approaches. Details regarding entrance fees and enrollment will be posted shortly.

So strap some spikes on your favorite PvP ship, find yourself an attractive co-pilot, and get ready to Death Race! More so spread the word about the bars, gate camps, asteroid belts, and command centers. Drive you corp. mates crazy with giddy excitement over the event and spam all chat channels with the following link:




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  1. Thanks for the plug m8! We've also set up an in-game channel, DEATH RACE 2010, for anyone that is interested.