Monday, August 9, 2010

Odds and Ends Monday.

Well here we are on a fine sunny Summer Monday after a spectacular weekend of outdoor fun in the Sun. Yes you guessed it there was very little time for EVE this weekend for me. I did manage to cook a few thousand units of Nanite repair paste and sell them. Oh and I set my skill queue as well. I got frustrated and cloned jumped ZombiNutz back to Null to make more use of his training implants. LIMBO returns. Really though it was a SWEET weekend away from EVE, so I’ll stop grumbling. So the news about the EVE traps is as follows:

PLEX go BOOM times 74!

Big topic in the news today is the poor schmuck who decided to undock with 74 PLEX in his kestrel only to get popped in Jita. Kill mail here. So many have added a comment or two about this, there is a forum thread at 16 pages about it as well. For me it’s simple really. CCP made PLEX like any other item in the game. I tend to agree with Mandrill’s post about it here.


- It’s got a dedicated blog:
- It has a party ship:
- It has some SICK prizes:
- Drop your 5M ISK today and get your Deathrace on.

EVE SOB IC stories coming soon.

All right so not really big deal news, but I am working on some In Character posts based around two of my alts. The Sisters are a pair of NUNs who work on the carebear ranch doing the daily mundane tasks and logistics runs. Yeap, with an intro like this it does prove to be a snore fest, but with some sordid pasts and two very different personalities and dreams. Sister Janice and Sister Juliette are providing me with some inspiration to write a bit of IC work and build a semi regular fiction series about them. So get your deep inner NUN fetish primed and ready. Be warned, I am not an English major or professional writer (WTF! GET OUT!) so this might be some BAD fiction.



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  1. The biggest problem with writing is writing, so doing it is better than not doing it. A lot like PvP actually, the only way to get better is to do it.