Friday, August 13, 2010

Making free ISK Vol 1: Datacores - EVEs free lunch.

We all like ISK because well it empowers us to expand our EVE worlds. While ISK is not the only thing standing between us and that titan (thankfully). It's a pretty darn important item for most of what we do in EVE. There are many ways to make ISK but today we will talk about one method to make ISK with little to no time invested. Making Free ISK is a new series of articles focusing on passive incomes. None of it is new information. I am just filtering out the smack talk and trolling for all to read.

Datacores - The true free lunch in EVE.

Datacores are valuable items to inventors trying to make that T2 BPC as part of the process of building T2 ships. As a result there is a fairly stable market out there for datacores that for the most part is not too affected by the market traders. The awesome part of datacores is you get them through research projects with R&D agents.

The basic idea is to find yourself a NPC corporation that has R&D agents. There are quite a few out there and I recommend for finding them. I'd add that finding a NPC corp. that also has a good number of other mission agents is a good idea. It's a good idea as the only way to unlock higher grade R&D agents is via missions and standing.

Ok you have found a R&D agent that will talk to you now it's time to look at the agents info for the "Research Services" section. Under here it has the types of datacores you can have a research project for with that agent. Now not all datacores are equal and typically each one sells for between 100-300K ISK each. So select one that sells for a decent price and hit the market. What you are looking for is the science skill that matches the datacore type. Example. Caldari Starship Engineering Skill = Datacore - Caldari Starship Engineering that sell for 100-120K ISK each.

OK buy the skill book and train it to the same level as the agents "Research Services" listing for that skill. Once this is done go talk to the agent and start research. In your journal under the research tab, you will now have an entry. It will tell you how many RP/DAY and how many you have. WAIT A SECOND EVE SOB. THOSE SCIENCE SKILLS ARE 10M ISK EACH!!! Yeap, they are but with even the crappiest level 1 R&D agent and the least valued datacore can net you about 2-3M ISK a month for sitting on your ass. Meaning 10M gets paid for quickly.

So your now racking up RP every day and soon enough you will want to cash them in. Simply head over to the system where the agent is at. Start a conversation and choose "Buy datacores". Enter the number you want to buy (The max number will be in the pop-up). Now you have datacores to sell. Simple and easy right? The best part the research goes on forever until you choose to stop.

OK! So your all hopped up on free ISK and you want more. You might remember a few paragraphs ago I suggested finding a Corp. with both R&D and mission agents. To get more of the pie the first step is to grind standings and unlock high level R&D agents. The higher the agent the more RP you get a day, and hence the more datacores to sell for free ISK. So make some active income grinding missions to increase the passive income potential of you research projects. Once you have unlocked a higher agent. You need to cancel research with the old agent (and loose any RP with them) and start research with the new agent. Simple stuff, well you will also need to train the relevant science skill to the level of the agent but hey that's easy stuff that can be done while running the missions.

SO Mr. SOB, why can I not just have 2 research projects going? Well you can but it takes skill, the Research Project Management skill to be exact. Each level trained adds a research project slot per level to a max of 6 slots. It's got some steep requirements and the skill alone costs 40M ISK. However with level 4 R&D agents unlocked and 6 potential projects. You can net some major ISK a month if you invest.

All right here is an example of how a VERY basic ALT can be making you 2.5-7M ISK a month.

I recently took a P.I alt of mine who is basically trained in some planetary skills and can fly a badger, but otherwise brand new. I added 9 days worth of training in learning and science skills to her queue. These skills cost me ~14.5M ISK from my Indy corps wallet. She now brings in about 24 Datacores a month with a level 1 Q15 agent. The net value of those datacores is only 2.5M ISK. However she feeds them back into the corps. invention jobs. She ground no standings and only trained these skills past her base Skill set:

Instant Recall I-III
Analytical Mind I-IV
Learning I- III
Logic I-III
Science III-V
Mechanic III-V
Caldari Starship Engineering I

You can save 4.5M ISK at the cost of 1 extra days training by dropping Logic I-III. But for a brand new Caldari Alt this is pretty short work for 2.5M a month, which could have easily been 7M a month is I choose a different datacore type to research.



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