Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dream Ships - Me Me

So Astral posted this MeMe over on his blog. So I thought I would take a moment to reply what each of my avatars would dream about if they could have any ship based on their place in the grand scheme of it all. So here goes:


As a self respected carebear and space hermit. The ultimate ship would be the roquel. It's a home away from home where this grumpy old bugger can be at peace. I can also fit clones vat bays meaning he would NEVER have to set foot in another crowded station again.

Sister Janice:

One of the nuns that work on the carebear ranch she is a proud woman who considers her work above anything else. As a result a Rhea is her dream ship as it represents the ultimate in all she does as a hauler pilot.

Sister Juliette:

The second nun employed by the carebear ranch. This girl is a nun only in name and likes all things to be cheap and disposable. When it comes to men she likes them drunk, easy, and never at her place. The less she has to do with the after the "job" is done the better. So her dream ship is am IBIS. They are free and get whatever job done that she needs.


The fine young Caldari pilot of war has a thrill for blowing stuff up. He has many passions on the battle field from extreme speed to pretty big explosions. Hence his dream ship is the Ragnarok as it's the fastest of the biggest and packs a mighty large explosion. It HAS to be the one for ZombiNutz.

Of course all this could be taken as a bit of fun, or I might be serious.




  1. Are you nano fitting that Ragnarok? lol, i have to admit I didn't expect to see an Ibis on this list.

  2. Velator > Ibis ;)

    Great list, I know you plan on showing up to death race in that Rag!

  3. sadly I cannot fly a Rag just yet. That and some rule jockey said no jump drive boats in the race. However a stray dooms day burst at the frist gate sure would slow down some of those fancy little interceptor types. :)