Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to work…

I’ve been off work the last week spending time with my mini-clones before they return to school. It was a great week spent at the beach or on a bike. Kind of blows to be back at my desk fixing virtual servers and missing the family but at least it gives me time to blog. Lord knows this place needs some fresh material.

Sadly there was little EVE time this week save my daily impersonation of a click macro as I restarted my P.I. extractors. I’ve got about 14 planets running now in highsec, and they make me about 150M ISK a month. I am working on a post on that as a follow up to my bit on making free ISK via P.I. so enough of that for now.

I actually logged a few hours on ZombiNutz hunting in lowsec. I went from lonetrek down into Manjonakko and flew about for a while looking tasty in my rifter. Sadly no bites and not much of anyone about the belts to fight and the gates were clear. On my way out I happened across a moa and a Hawk on a belt in Aurohuen. The Moa pilot was only 6 months old, but the Hawk pilot was 4 years. I warped in at 70KM and was about 40 off the pair who appeared to be ratting. The Hawk started after me and I held distance while I did a little research on the pilot etc. In the end I decided to hit a safe and look for some footage of rifter vs. hawk fights. I found a few, formed a strategy and then realized that local had spiked by 6 and there was a small gang flittering about. It was late so I parked it for the night. Sadly I am becoming a PvP pedant and still have a hard time just diving in. Frustrated at myself still as fleet wise I have no problem diving in 100%, solo I hesitate to do my homework and miss the whole event. SAD SOB!

The death race went very well it seems. Once again I logged in 10 minutes too late with Persephone Astrid winning the event. I knew I was not able to make the race itself this time without some major wife agro and skipping a family event. If I had of had the free time a stiletto was my ship of choice. Manasi posted his fit for the race here which was similar to what I had in mind. I’ll admit with my skills and budget I was looking to spend a good deal less. The good news is it seems as Rixx will be doing another Death Race in the future. Here is hoping I can make this one.

Now that the summer is winding down and the kids are heading back to school. I hope my EVE time picks up again. The training schedules have unlocked some fun toys across the board for all 4 of my characters. My passive income has completely replaced any need to turn on a mining laser. Such my hulk has not undocked in 2 months and I’ve slowly been churning out small batches of stiletto, hawks, jaguars, and Manticore. All the invention datacores are provided via R&D now as well. So life on the ranch goes well. I just need to get my PvP on.



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