Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Whole bunch of cat and mouse…

I was out again last night for a bit in “Dead Rifter #1” flittering about some 0.4 systems looking for people to shoot. There were 12 in local with an average pilot age of 6 months so I liked my chances. I created some safes and started hopping around the belts and planets looking for one of the 5 other rifters in system. It soon became apparent that the five other rifters were a gang of young pilots trying to snag miners. Smack talk in local gave that away when they failed to tackle a 1 month old account mining in an Osprey.

I warped in at 30 on two of them a few times and expected a fight. Sadly they turned tail and ran to a nearby planet. I followed and took a gamble at landing at 0. They landed at 50 and warped off to the sun, I followed at 40 with them at 100. I headed to a nearby asteroid belt at 0 and waited for them to get brave and land on me in a group. They must have been spooked as all 5 hit the gate to high with me landing and locking the last one moments before he jumped. /sigh

Next a gang of 8 HACs rolled into the system and started camping one of the stations. Smack in local seemed they were camping a former corp. ember that had moved on. Was a bit of fun to read the smack, but their presence in system scattered whoever else was in local. So I bounced a few systems into low looking for the next chance to turn my guns on.

Unfortunately for me local was barren and the time was getting late. I was frustrated to the point of ratting for the sake of shooting something, but decided to dock up for the night and give it another run tomorrow. I either really suck at solo PvP or simply am hunting crappy systems. Might be time for a suicide run into War target land but even the last time I did that I saw one WT who ran.:(

Either way I am trying hard to log as much time in Low hunting as I am clicking extractors. Hoping to appear on a Kill Mail real soon.


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