Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making Free ISK VOL 2: Planetary Interaction - ISK for Clicks

We all like ISK because well it empowers us to expand our EVE worlds. While ISK is not the only thing standing between us and that titan (thankfully). It's a pretty darn important item for most of what we do in EVE. There are many ways to make ISK but today we will talk about one method to make ISK with little to no time invested. Making Free ISK is a new series of articles focusing on passive incomes. None of it is new information. I am just filtering out the smack talk and trolling for all to read.

Planetary Interaction - Free ISK for Clicks a Day.

So with Tyrannis came Planetary Interaction. While folks might belly ache about it as far as expansions go. The true be told P.I. has made folks millions all ready, based on traders who stockpiled the goods when they were NPC traded. Then sold them for MAJOR profits. That boat has sailed but P.I. is a great source of passive income that requires little training and about 30 minutes a day in actual work.

OK first things first training. A basic ALT will need the following skills to scan planets and drop an advanced command center on 4 of them:

Command Center Upgrades IV - 450,00 ISK
Interplanetary Consolidation III - 450,000 ISK
Remote Sensing III (needs Science III to train) - 250,000 ISK

So for 1,150,000 ISK and about 6 days of training (assuming you have Science III) you are now ready for the planets. One of the biggest things I can tell you to consider next is what you want to build. The mentality of starting with an end product in mind and working backwards is the best advice any one can give you here. I'd go a little further and say that keeping it simple allows for more turn over and hence more ISK. Sticking with P2 products and perhaps some commodities made from a number of P2/3 items is the way to go. I have had little luck with P4 products in Highsec, even if it's possible to make them. Choose products based on the local markets. Robotics, mechanical parts, Nuclear reactors, etc are good places to start. Remember you only have 4 plants with advanced command centers based on the training above. I am not going to tell you what to produce or map out the colonies for you. More get you thinking on your own. Choose 4 P2 products that sell well and go from there.

OK so you have taken my advice and picked 4 P2 products to build. Which means you need 8 P1 products and hence 8 P0 Products. You are going to need at least 8 basic Processors and 4 advanced processors to get it done. Next it's time to break those down into planets and P0 items. I am not going to list all 8 planet types and what of the 15 P0 items can be found on each. I will simply link a good source in this spreadsheet. Look at what you are trying to make and break it down into a list of P0 Items. Mechanical parts for example requires Base and Noble Metals as P0 items. Furthermore both these items can be extracted from a Barren planet. WIN!

OK now it's time to find planets to build all this on. I is fairly safe to say that the lower the systems security rating the more yield a planet has. So speaking highsec that means finding a cluster of 0.5-0.6 systems that has all the planet types you need. Taking mechanical parts as an example you will need a barren planet that has a good source of base and noble metals. By a good source I mean about 138000 of each every 23 hours. The number 138000 is basically the maximum amount of P0 materials a basic processor can handle in a 23 hour day. Also bear in mind that basic processors run in 30 minute cycles, so make sure you extractors produce at least 3000 cumulative P0 items every 30 minutes. If you do this you get 920 of each P1 metal type every day. An advanced processor cycles every hour and takes in 40 units each of the two P1 items it needs to make the P2. This means that your 920 P1 items runs that extractor for 23 hours and produces 115 P2 items every 23 hour day. As the EVE day is actually 23 hours. this is the perfect storm. Oh and 115 mechanical parts at 5,500 ISK each is 632500 ISK a day or about 18,975,00 ISK a month. Now you are feeling me when I say "Free ISK for Clicks a day!"

OK so I just got you moving towards potentially 80M ISK a month for what amounts to 30 minutes a day in clicking and a few trips in a badger Mk1 every few days. If you want to know more details I'll be doing a follow up article on the care bear ranches current P.I setup with pretty pictures of my colonies, what I make, and rough numbers of the profits.




  1. The "free isk" is in P1's. I have one character who extracts three jumps from my main PI operations. On 0.3 worlds, with advanced CC's, I get four P1 factories churning non-stop on either 23 or 96 hour cycles. Very little work compared to my other colonies.

    People have told me you can get 2-3 water IF's going on a 0.5 ocean world with similar effort. Right now, water is going for 300-350 isk. That's half a million isk a day under less than optimal conditions with little to no risk.

    I manage a complete POS structure making operation and the thought and persistence I put in isn't exactly free. :)

  2. Thanks for Dropping in Jimmy. Yeah, you can pretty much make all kinds of passive income with PI. Less is more for sure.

    I started making P4 items and got tired of the planet shuffle. Lowsec is definatly a better source of raw materials, but for the new player the risk is too high in a badger MK1 ;)



  3. Only 19m isk per month for ~900 minutes of clicking? :(
    900min is almost two 8h working days.
    Buying isk with rl money is cheaper in terms of spent time.

  4. Sorry anonymous, but are doing some thing wrong if you are only making 19M a MONTH!

    Yeap, if you have the cash to buy game cards and convert them to plex. It the easiest way to gain ISK. go for it if that floats ya boat.

    I am shooting for the other direction where ISK pays for my game time :) I actually make enough off P.I. to fund a plex a month for 900 minutes of clicking. So I like folks who take the easy road and sell game time for ISK. :)

    Cheers and thanks for your comments


  5. Hey eve SOB good job making a PI guide.
    i make about 2 billion a month from PI and im just looking around seeing how other people do it. but yeah when i started out i would have loved a guide like this.

    So ya Props to you and i like the way u think keep up the good work o/