Monday, August 30, 2010

Datacore snippit...

A little bit of extra info on datacores and R&D agents and skillz. Basically even with a level 1 agent training the relevent skill to higher levels results in more Reasearch Points a day.

An example of this is with a crappy lvl 1 -15 agent I got 10RP a day for Skill I and 60RP a day for Skill IV in Caldari starship Engineering. As LVL IV is only 3 ish days. It's worth while training any account doing R&D to LVL 4 in the science skill associated with the datacore research.

So spend an extra few days in training and get way more RP a day for free. It also makes those daily "Ferry this report 2 systems to the left" missions worth quite a bit more.



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